Thursday, May 29, 2008

R.I.P. Harvey Korman

(edit: Here's a bit from Carol Burnett that's actually a classic Tim Conway bit, but it shows possibly THEE ULTIMATE Harvey Korman onscreen break-up.)

Farewell to one of the legends of comedy, Mr. Harvey Korman, who just died today at a very young 81 years old. If you grew up in the 70s, you absolutely watched him on "The Carol Burnett Show," and you absolutely, without a question, adored him. He was the original on-camera breaker-upper, before Jimmy Fallon was even a cluster of chromosomes in his father's wiener. He was the ultimate uptight, stressed-out straight-man, too, frequently funnier than his supposed-to-be-funny costars. Check him out in virtually every Mel Brooks movie -- his Count DeMonay from "History of the World Part One" is mind-bogglingly hysterical, so wound-up he was in danger of disappearing up his own anus.

I just ran into Tim Conway in Venice the other day, and he looked fabulous. I bet he misses the shit out of his best comedy partner right now, and my heart goes out to him.


MissTrixi said...

A sad passing indeed.

Funny...Tim Conway was the first one I thought of when I saw the news too. Can't think of one without the other.
And the charachter of Hedley in Bazing Saddles. Perhaps he's sharing a joke w/Madeline Kahn right this minute. *sigh* The world is gonna miss you Harvey!


Chris Hill said...

"Don't get saucy with me Bearnaise." I love Harvey Korman.I actually remember The Tim Conway show. It ran for about one season after The Carol Burnett show ended I think. Harvey and Tim were actually the last of the great old school vaudeville style comedy duos.

It seems like Harvey would make a good band manager for the Who-tles in heaven. That's of course the band with John Lennon, Keith Moon, George Harrison, and John Entwistle. God! I so want to see that band. I guess I'm gonna have to step up the smoking and the alcoholism. Goodbye Harvey.

Marne said...

I didn't know anyone else my age was Harvey fans or fans of the CB show. I love that show, I remember my mom amd I watching that when I was a kid. I had a little crush on Harvey. He was such a talented man and I love the duo of him and Conway.

Jeffrey M. Rosado said...

I think there was only one sketch where Harvey managed to make it through without breaking up at Tim. In addition to that classic dentist skit Jon posted, the recurring little old slow moving man with the white fright haired wig was also classic Korman-Conway material.

Harvey was one of the greatest straight man ever and a wonderful comic actor in his own right. We've definitely lost one of the greats...Thanks for all those Saturday nights gathered with the family in front of the telly, Harvey..

Waylon Jennings was right; it's hard getting older and seeing more and more of your heroes die....