Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Genius of Brad Neely

I first became aware of the MOST GENIUS ARTIST EVER Brad Neely when I stumbled upon the following, which made me laugh so hard I literally threw up. I then proceeded to become completely obsessed with it, watching it over and over and over again and quoting it to my befuddled friends, at least some of whom thought I was fucking nuts. And I probably was. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you've not seen it, I bring you -- Washington.

Meanwhile, completely unbeknownst to me, Trix had become equally obsessed with Wizard People, Dear Readers, which was some nutcase's homespun commentary over "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" that had been circulating the web. I'm talking about the whole movie, narrated in the weirdest voice you've ever heard, turning the film into a dark, disturbing, hysterical thing it was never supposed to be.

(the rest of it is on YouTube -- probably not for long, watch it while you can.)

At one point, one of us -- not sure if it was me or Trix, but it was definitely one of us -- figured out that both items were by the same guy, one Brad Neely, an artist who'd been doing fucking freaky-ass drawings and paintings for years and who had just ventured into the world of multimedia. Since then, Brad signed to SuperDeluxe, an awesome web-based Flash content site, and did a ton of other laugh-puke-incuding videos, including the genius Professor Brothers series.

"And we danced -- like the people in the hyper-tight lighting of fried chicken commercials."

His other series for SuperDeluxe, I Am Babycakes, is almost as funny. Not quite but almost. And ten times more disturbing.

GOOD NEWS: even though SuperDeluxe is apparently closing its doors for good, both Professor Brothers and Babycakes have been picked up by Adult Swim, so more fucking awesome hilarious Brad Neely is on its way. You must watch.

"I heard that motherfucker's got -- like -- 30 goddamn dicks."

Edit: Neely's ALSO the guy behind Creased Comics. That's his official site. Absolutely awesome.


MissTrixi said...

Oh, may the wreched Harmony cry herself a friend of tears.

Yay Adult Swim. Not only have you blessed us with Home Movies and Aqua Tema, but now we get us some badly needed Neely! WEEEEE!


It's for children, but not the British Children - HAH!

LAP said...

That's so funny Trix that's exactly the thing I wanted to quote after watching it just now "He'll save children, but not the British Children.." that's crazy funniness!