Friday, May 16, 2008

There Are Plenty Of Men In No Man's Land, But They All Suck

For a complete and total nerd (one of the nerdiest, and I can back that up with proof), I sure know a lot of ex-stripper-writers (THREE of them, actually! Edit: and they are all awesome. Shout out to Steph!). Besides the estimable Ms. Cody, though, my best friend among 'em is the brilliant Ruth Fowler, aka "Mimi In New York" from my blogroll to your right.

Ruth is a journalist, a bon vivant, a cosmopolitan world traveler, a notorious anti-hero in her native UK, and a fucking awesome writer. I first met her when she posted a criticism of "Candy Girl" on her blog. I wrote her to tell her she was totally wrong and, unlike most people when you write them to suggest that they may, in fact, be wrong, she actually read Diablo's blog and posted a reverse opinion, which convinced me that she was a severely cool human being. Seriously -- do you know how rare that is on the internet? Go visit anybody's IMDB page and try to argue with anybody. Go on, try it. I'll wait.

I then began reading her on a regular basis, and vice-versa, and we struck up a friendship, and now we read and edit each other's stuff, which is awesome as her writing is fucking hilarious and a pleasure to read (if her screenplay doesn't sell the second it starts circulating, I will eat an entire milliners' worth of hats).

Anyway: I'm alerting you to the fact that on June 19th her book "No Man's Land" will be released, and you can now pre-order the sucker on Amazon. Its a memoir of her decadent, drug-fuelled time as a stripper in New York. It's completely awesome -- a very different read than "Candy Girl" as its far darker. No sweet, supportive husband (ha!) here: the men that tromp through "No Man's Land" are a series of cold-hearted dicks that you want to smack upside the head. There's an air of kind of beautiful desperation in the tone that makes it completely compelling, and her descriptive ability borders on the poetic.

So go pre-order it PRONTO, okay? Click the link above and spend yr. twenty bucks or whatever and I guarantee you that you will NOT regret it for a second.


Superbadfriend said...

VERY COOL! I will be ordering a copy soon. You are always dead on with your recos. Congratulations Mimi and best of luck to you. :-)

Ashley! said...

Wow, she's an incredibly addicting read. The world needs more honest people. I'll definitely be picking up a copy of her book.

Anonymous said...

Pick my nose or roll another spliff? Ooh, the dilemma.

Jon Hunt said...

Dear people who leave anonymous comments:


Jon Hunt said...

(er -- besides the ones I know, who sign their names or I know who they are!)

Jon Hunt said...

I should just say "mean people who leave anonymous comments" and leave it at that.

The rest of you anonymous people are just fine.

MissTrixi said...

Dear Mean Anonymous Coward...are you drunk? *trixi notes time stamp on post* Or are you just lonely and need a friend? I suggest you quit piking your nose for the latter to happen. And to crack open another for the former.

She is a very engaging and talented writer. And has a very lovely soul too!


Ariel said...

I am looking forward to the sucker being published on this side of the pond too. Here, Ruth's writing in the national press has attracted a lot of criticism, rightly or wrongly - she certainly doesn't leave people indifferent, which is the best thing a writer can wish for I suppose. I'm curious as to how her words will be received in the US. [The Brits are such a miserable, moany lot].

Jon Hunt said...

Americans are just as miserable and moany, TRUST ME!