Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mid-Week Nothing Going On Blog

This is the White Album cover of blog entries: a big, plain, white block with one or two words written on it at a strange angle.

Nothing much going on. Everybody I know that's in a creative field is in some kind of crazy-ass unbreakable funk. I'm blaming planetary alignment, there's no other explanation.

Not even any crazy foods to report on, unless you consider "99 cent noodle bowls from Trader Joes" crazy food. They're crazy, but more like "stuff schizophrenic people you see walking up Santa Monica at 9 PM barefoot eat" crazy.

Just one of those weeks -- slow, kinda bummer-y. I spent the entire week photoshopping phallic fruits for a movie poster series. Any week that involves more than my share of phallic fruit can't be all bad, can it? Can it?

Hell, at least its warm!



steve zahn said...

I think everything is wonderful all the time. But that's because I'm super famous. Did I mention that I'm a movie star and pretty extremely awesome?

Anonymous said...

its EPIDEMIC. maybe its the barometric pressure?! last night johnny and i came home and could barely sloth our way over to the couch and then we just laid there, wondering what the deuce? we've never felt so dead or boring or sluggish. it was even nice outside which is rare and usually we'd be messing around out in the garage and the yard while having a beer. instead we were in a heap in front of the tv like zombies. and today feels just as dead and all my co-workers feel exactly the same way...hmmm...i feel a government conspiracy theory coming on-kelly

Febrifuge said...

I am also having a week like that! It turns out that something I thought I was at least okay at in reality is an area where I need to work on SUCKING LESS.

All of a sudden, I'm pretty sure it's Steve Zahn's fault somehow.

Chris Hill said...

Don't let Zahn bring you down. It is planetary. It's been going on all year. I feel it too. Something is happening. A change. It may not be good, it may not be entirely bad, but I can feel it. Take refuge in your phallic fruits. You have a great job, a wonderful woman, and you are the coolest person most of us know.

Ashley! said...

^ What that guy said.

Steve Zahn totally wants you.

Jeffrey M. Rosado said...

I think it's Uwe Boll's fault, myself.

Thanks for posting your White Album cover, Jonny. Brings back such sweet memories of my big brother and how we bonded big time over it. I highly recommend the mono version for an interesting alternative listening experience, despite the fact that Ringo's infamous "blisters" comment is incredously missing from the mono mix of Helter Skelter.

LAP said...

It's totally epidemic, but I couldn't languish in my blah verging on slight dispair since I had to get ready for my parents. Mysteriously, as soon as my house was what not only I, but other regular people would describe as clean, I got a call for a job interview. FINALLY. If you can think of it, please cross your fingers for me at 10am Friday. Send me some mojo!

Soak up some sun and think of yourself as regenerating or something. It's Spring- renew!

Also, it's not like the white album doesn't rule.

Anonymous said...

I'm finding it very hard to get anything done as well. I have three or four different things which SHOULD BE DONE by now and they're not. It sucks. But hey! I've got lots of beer and it's sunny out and Steve Zahn gargles my balls. Um.. scratch that last one.

belsum said...

Go Zahn?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha.