Thursday, May 29, 2008

Let's Get Mercurial Rage On The Radio

So my friend and compatriot Chris Hill is in this amazing band called Mercurial Rage in Minneapolis. And for some reason the local indie station, which is connected to Minnesota Public Radio, won't play 'em. Believe me, I know how that goes -- back when Lunar 9 and Medication were in full swing, some snobby music director on Radio K decided we weren't "cool" anymore and just full-stop ignored us. And that was after one of our songs actually went to #1 on the station -- so I call sour grapes. In this case, who knows why they ain't playing 'em, but they sure should be.

So please, if you have a minute, go here and request them. I requested the song "Moonlight," its my favorite song off their new record. Get your friends and family members to do it too.


MissTrixi said...

Oh hell...I'm gonna try to get Indie in LA to play 'em.

I love Merc. Rage. They deserve lot's of airplay, and they would take over the Los Angeles music scene in an electro pop heartbeat.


belsum said...

Radio K really was all weird, weren't they? Huh. They sure loved Deep Shag though! And they relented eventually because I remember doing "Kool Kid" in the studio with Medication.

Let me know if you've got a linkie for the LA station, trix!

Jon Hunt said...

Well, Radio K -- Simon Groebner was always a fan of us, so when we did "Off The Record" that was more about Simon and less about the rest of the station guys. I remember feeling REALLY OLD when Medication went in there, like we were out of touch. Sigh.

Chris Hill said...

I felt really old too. But that was a lot due to it being a whole new animal after Simon left. Hey thanks for the support guys. You are amazing.

steve zahn said...

Not these guys again. Ick! Amateurs! Not famous at all. Of course if something does happen and they become the musical act when I host Saturday Night Live or something, then we'll be best friends. I'll say I was the first to recognize their genius. But until then they still suck. I can have it both ways. I'm Steve Zahn.

Superbadfriend said...

Chicago loves The Rage! We are trying to coordinate with Fearless Radio for an interview and some play time. Whoot!