Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More idle thoughts

- Minnesota, for those of you in Los Angeles, is just sort of always cold. I had friends tell me before I came out "Oh! It's so warm! You'll love it, there's finally good weather here!" And I got there, and it was frigid. Yesterday was, no lie, forty-five degrees. Either I bring the cold, or its just always cold -- the old "tree/forest" dilemma, or a kind of meteorological Shroedinger's Cat.

- The wedding couple's recessional? The Processional Theme from Star Wars. You know, where Luke and Han get their medals from ultra-hot Leia in a white silk nightgown? CHOICE. I love a good geek wedding. Also: There are very few women hotter than Carrie Fisher in the first Star Wars. People try so hard to cast these uber-hot women these days (Jessica Alba, I'm looking at YOU), and they forget that sometimes the little short super-smart Jewish girl can ooze more sexuality on-screen than all of them combined.

- I found that the food I missed most from Minneapolis was Keng's Chow Mein. I had the choice on Monday to go to any restaurant in the entire Twin Cities, and I went for the most delicious, most MSG-ridden Cantonese food ever, and Jesus CHRIST did I love it. I'd trade one Keng's Chow Mein for all the great restaurants in this entire city, I swear to god.

- I think I miss the 90s. I did not enjoy First Avenue on Saturday Night like I should have, or could have, because I spent the entire time missing that storied decade -- or anyways, the bits of the decade where I wasn't cursing life. Most of them were spent in the 7th Street Entry listening to awesome fucking music. Saturday was death metal night. It ached.

- My favorite comic store wasn't open on Mondays. Boo.

- My old house is in good hands, but I miss it more than I miss the Giant Townhouse which was my last abode in Minneapolis. That house holds lots of good memories, and there was a sense of accomplishment in making it look nice and modern and cool which Sudden Valley didn't have. It was bittersweet to stay there, but I wouldn't have given it up for the world.

- Homebrewed beer is the best. Better even than Surly's, which is, like, the best beer ever.

- My Minneapolis Friends are great, but I love my LA friends too. I have good friends.

- Gee, I'm getting sappy and sentimental.

- I have to pee.


Anonymous said...

That's why I'll never have sex with someone while listening to Radiohead.


MissTrixi said...

First Ave on Saturday was a crushing blow. I remember working there for Beatopia in the VIP. The room would be packed wall to wall with sweaty dancers, groovin' to the house beats. Then I'd head to the Main Room and dance up on stage with the other writing masses while facing a packed house. This past weekend, it was '18 and up' night in the Main Room (Noooooo!!!), and you could comfortably swing a cat in all corners of the club. *sigh* Nope, you can never go back!

Radiohead? Man, I so can never hear the music of Niel Diamond without it bringing a tear to my eye. Don't ask! It was very torrid and he smelled of Hai Karate.


Brash Lion said...

I DID swing a cat in almost every corner of the club! I'm no club-goer, but I have to say I enjoyed the company!! It was great to see you guys again. And I'm officially coming out in a month - got my tix today. See you again sooooooooon!

Anonymous said...

The Club didn't get going until after you left those kids and their crazy late club times ;-)

belsum said...

"Most of them were spent in the 7th Street Entry listening to awesome fucking music."

I think you mean the basement of the 7th Street Entry.

Anonymous said...

-I was finally able to listen to Abbey Road a couple months ago without crying. Its not completely lost to me, but I'll never be able to listen to that album without feeling that kick of the past. Lesson learned.

-I miss the 90's too. I wish I wouldn't have wasted it running around in diapers and sucking on my thumb crying for mom and or going through puberty. If I could go back and do it all over again, I'd be the 10 year old on an acid trip listening to Pavement till my brain rotted.