Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Short repost

I took down a blog entry but there are two points I wanted to re-make from it.

- Two more wonderful people than the folks that got married this weekend (one of whom likes to remain rather anonymous online, godbless'im, so I shan't mention their names! THEY KNOW WHO THEY ARE! I hope) I do not know. They deserve all the love and happiness and amazingness that's out there in the universe, and I have loads of best wishes for them.

- The other point is that people should listen to Trixi more often. She is possibly the most insightful person I know and I always take her advice as law because it is almost always right. The few times I've gone against her advice I've ended up eating crow and/or picking my ass up off the ground.


Molly P said...

I missed you guys this weekend. The pics were super cute, and it was great to see your smiling faces. See you in a couple of weeks!

Anonymous said...

"The other point is that people should listen to Trixi more often."
I agree! ~Liebenow

vfleblanc said...

That girl does have more than her share of common sense. I'd say listening to her advice is a good thing.

MissTrixi said...

You all are too sweet.

I don't even listen to me! I tend to get me in trouble a lot! Then I get mad and tell myself that I should listen to me more often. *sigh* That will never happen.


LAP said...

No Cheapskate was (and apparently still is) in Coon Rapids..what was the rink in Bloomington next to the Fleet Farm?