Thursday, October 23, 2008

You know how I know my girl is hot?

...because we were sitting across from Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath last night...

(...just a refresher in case you don't remember him from his late-90s heyday...)

...and he couldn't stop staring at her all damn night!

I agree, Mark. She's a freakin' gorgeous girl, ain't she?

Sigh. My heart skips a beat.


MissTrixi said...


He was staring because I had something in my teeth.

Thanks RockstarJonny. Your Cyber love letter would make any girl's heart go pitter-pat. You are tooooo good to me!

(and you are FAR hotter than Mark McGrath. Those big brown eyes! *melt*)


(love the self portrait you stole from one of my 'Boredom Photo Session's in my office at the studio...hee hee. sneaky sneaky!)

vfleblanc said...

And she's just as gorgeous inside as she is on the outside too!

ashley said...

She truly is one of the most beautiful people I've ever met.

Superbadfriend said...



Anonymous said...

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