Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random Thoughts:

- Sometimes you just need to take a break to recharge. Sometimes you just gotta step away from the computer and go "hells bells, there's sunshine out there."

- Turning older doesn't mean you turn any wiser. Hello, forty -- I see you in the near-distance, and you terrify me, but I'm gonna kick your ass anyway.

- My favorite Queen album is "Jazz." I know that's not the popular choice, but nevertheless that's the one I turn to most often, because it contains both "Bicycle Race," which is Queen's "Heroes and Villains" in a way, a tour-de-force of batshit crazy composition and production, and "Fat Bottomed Girls," which is their most kick-ass rocker.

- I hate television posters. I like doing theatrical projects a lot because there's tons of freedom, and movies encompass a number of different ideas and themes which opens you up to some pretty creative thinking. Television? Sucks. Try taking a picture of Arsenio Hall and making something cool out of it. Seriously: try it.

- Palm Desert, Oct. 31, 2009. Save that date in your hearts, my friends. We found our wedding hotel.

- Homesickness sucks. Let me just tell you honestly. It was a delayed reaction for me -- almost a year -- but when it hits, it hits hard.

- Been rockin'. Got half a new album recorded. Fans of the last Silvergirl thing are gonna be shocked -- there ain't a LICK of country here. Its gonna be dark, fuzzy, mean and rock and roll.

- It's genuinely hard to forgive. Sometimes you have to go through intense amounts of pain to get there, but let me tell you that sometimes, it is so worth it.

- Meanwhile, sometimes people can hurt you without even realizing it. Or if they do realize it, they don't even care. Or if they do care, they just pull the hell away even further, which causes further hurt. That's kind of a toughie. I don't know what to do with that. Sometimes you just gotta stop caring so much, which hurts even more.

- Another band I realized don't suck at all? Jefferson Starship. No, seriously -- pre-"We Built This City," when Paul Kantner was still involved with the band, they were fantastic. Especially whenever Marty Balin came to call. If you aren't moved by "Miracles," then you ain't got no heart, and it's time to dial one up.

- I haven't seen "Burn After Reading" yet, and I really wanna. Is it good? I've heard phenomenal things from Cheryl of Silver Phial fame, but what do you all think, Hatesexy readers, if there are any of you left?

- There is nothing funnier than King Kong with a balloon.

See? Doesn't that just put a smile on your face? I don't care how fucking depressed or whatever you are on any given day, King Kong with a balloon will make you smile.

- I get to see my daughter this weekend, and any weekend involving Trix, my daughter, karaoke, and both my parents and my birthmom cannot help but be a GREAT weekend.

Folks -- sorry about the delay. I'm back, I swear.


belsum said...

Hope to see you this weekend. It's been too long!

Coco said...

If you liked/loved Fargo, then definitely run, don't walk, to see Burn After Reading. It has that same effect of making you laugh hysterically at the most inappropriate disturbing things . . .and George and Brad are really at their goofiest, best. The characters they create are phenomenal.

Also, what about a picture of Godzilla with a balloon? Equally funny? More Funny? Or not funny at all? Discuss.

Jon Hunt said...

Godzilla with a balloon would be funny too! Any large, menacing monster holding a birthday balloon is automatically funny, I think.

It's kind of like the "Yackety Sax Effect."

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Thought "Burn After Reading" was good, not great. Some chuckles here and there. But this coming from someone whose favorite Coen Brothers movie is "The Hudsucker Proxy."

MissTrixi said...

I LOVE Hudsucker Proxy!!!!

October 31st, 2009! Whatever shall I wear? Weeeee!!!


Superbadfriend said...

Welcome back Jon! Happy Birthday and have an amazing trip this weekend.

"Burn" was hilarious. I agree with Prince, it wasn't the greatest film ever, but man it was pretty damn good. Clooney and Pitt were fantastic but the gym manager stole my heart. You'll see what I mean. ;-)

Hugs hugs hugs

Superbadfriend said...

PS. Congratulations (31st!!!)

ashley said...

1) The best thing about "Bicycle Race" is that damned video to it! And "Fat bottomed girls" IS practically my anthem!

2) Don't be so hard on Television posters. I've got this awesome Six Feet Under Poster hanging on my wall, it just says, "Your whole life is leading up to this."
But I can see the whole Arsenio Hall dilemna. Remember that color the 90's book I gave you guys. There's a picture of Arsenio and Bill Clinton. In the words of Tim Gunn: Make it work.

3)Marty Balin *swoon*
I still gotta pursue some more schoolin' on the starship though, but Marty Balin's greatness CAN NOT be contested.

4) Silvergirl + dark, fuzzy, and mean?! Umm, sounds pretty incredible. By fuzzy do you mean fuzz bass? Eeeep!

5) Lastly and most importantly! CongratuFUCKINGlations for setting a date and finding a place! Palm Desert is gorgeous! I'm so excited for you guys.

LAP said...

You know, I love Surrealistic Pillow, but I never have investigated too much further into the Starship.

I decided that with raising kids under 10, and being forced into responsible choices that I would consider my thirties a big learning curve wash, and I figure my forties will be what I assumed my 30's would. But there is no doom in 40 sir, and it's over a year away... for instance Paul Newman was already in his forties when he made Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Fine wine sir.

Serenity Jen said...

i liked Burn After Reading. you should totally see it. xoxo

Becky said...

Congrats on setting the date, you lovely couple. xx

Tilt Araiza said...

Other great things about Jazz:

Mustapha - Farrokh Bulsara peeps out from behind Freddie Mercury.

Something I'm a sucker for - featuring bits of songs from earlier on in the album on the last track. I could do with a list of albums that do that, I'd probably buy 'em all.

ziggy said...

Glad to see you back blogging. BTW, are you going to review the new Brian Wilson album? And do you have any opinion on the band SPARKS' work, past or present?

Adoresixtyfour said...

Having someone you care about pull away further sucks monkey nuts.

Speaking of...where is King Kong's junk? He's been sanitized for our approval!

Anyway...hope your birthday was happy, and my compliments on your Halloween '09 wedding date--getting married on the coolest holiday ever is truly sweet.

Jon Hunt said...

Aww, thanks, Ed! And thanks everybody!!!!

I noticed King Kong's neutering as well. Did the MOVIE Kong have swinging junk, though? I'm pretty sure Ray Harryhausen didn't spend hours stop-motioning a gorilla wang.

Adoresixtyfour said...

I believe Willis O'Brien hid King Kong's manhood (monkeyhood?) via the placement of tactful shadows. Either that, or we were all distracted by all the fighting with dinosaurs and airplanes and stuff.

Jon Hunt said...

(Oh -- right -- that wasn't Harryhausen, was it!? Jesus, I have to send back my geek credentials now. Great.)

Jeffrey M. Rosado said...

Like Dolly, it's great to have you back, Jon :-)

Love me some "Starship", too...Just the mention of "Miracles" brings back sweet high school memories...and then discovering via the hip local FM station that there were 3 extra minutes you couldn't get on the pocket transistor with a cool ending..

I also liked Runaway and With Your Love, too..and I did like the post Balin line-up for Jane and Be My Lady...and you guys remember "Hearts" and "Atlanta Lady" by Marty? Sublime mellow rock.

As for TV posters, they are dullsville as Frankie Baby would say..I'm fortunate to have some cool ones via my TV connections ("Twin Peaks" with pie, donuts, Cooper and Truman)...but it is a lost art.

Queen's "Jazz"...most underrated record they ever did...Also dig News Of The World, Innuendo and The Game ("it's gotta be Mac!")

Anonymous said...

King Kong w/Balloon absolutely brilliant!

wind chime