Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Back Hooooooooome

Visited Minneapolis this weekend. It was absolutely lovely. The height of fall, and the leaves were all a-dapple with bright, shining colors. We spent the weekend walking around and BREATHING NON-SMOG-ENCRUSTED AIR, and it was lovely. We visited an apple orchard. We sang karaoke. We visited relatives. And we hung around with my daughter, who is officially the coolest kid in the history of ever. And we RELAXED. There's something about Los Angeles that totally tweaks the "you can't relax EVER!" part of the brain, and something about Minneapolis that's a bit like living, breathing Xanax. Yes, I think I can officially say I'm a bit homesick.

In other news: CONGRATU-FREAKING-LATIONS to my pal, longtime bandmate, and general all-around-awesome-dude Marc Iwanin and his wife Katie for giving birth to an alarmingly cute baby this weekend named Lilah. Isn't that a lovely name? Lilah? Anyhow, the couple are cute as buttons so it's really no wonder their kid is as well.

And so: regular work resumes after a nice looooong weekend. Sigh. I wish life could just be a constant vacation. What is this work bullshit, and why do we do it? Discuss amongst yourselves.


patrick said...

glad you had a cool time in Minnesota. you picked a good weekend to do it, what with the santa ana's this weekend blowing away the smog, but fanning the flames. as i type i am breathing ash from the smoke in and around my building near the Porter Ranch fire. Btw, you MUST hear scott's mellotron part on Seasons, it is something to behold. we must birth this song pronto.

MissTrixi said...

The colors were amazing! I have been showing off snaps to my cohorts all morn!

This was the best weekend I've ever had visiting The Minne. What a supergirl Miss N is! And a HUGE thanks to all that made it to Jonny's Par-tay at the Legion. LAP deserves a special nod for walking into a group of strangers with such finesse!

Congrats Marc and Katie! She is soooo sweet. I can't wait to see the live version (Christmas maybe?).


LAP said...

It's really hard not to have finesse when two fabulous people literally leap up to greet you. Host and Hostess with the mostest.

Superbadfriend said...

YAY! Glad you got to see the leaves change.I was gathering a few different colors over the past weeks to send over to all of you homesick mid-westerners!



Accepts Affection said...

i love minneapolis this time of year. i'm sitting in a coffee shop on lake street, watching people ride by on bicycles in winter coats and wind blown hair peaking out from underneath hip fall colored caps.

Le Sigh.

No wonder people always come back here-it just feels like home no matter where you're from.