Monday, October 27, 2008


Led Zeppelin To Maybe Tour Without Robert Plant.

Lissen: Page. Jones. Bonham. READ MY BLOG MORE OFTEN.

Of all the bands that are proposing this travesty, you are the one that is least the band you'll claim you are without your lead singer. Last I looked, Robert Plant was a) the guy who wrote half the songs, b) the most memorable and apeable thing about your band and c) the guy who got the most and best squirrel in the group.

I know I can't stop you from doing this nonsense. But if you're gonna replace one of the best singers in the history of rock at least get the guy he was a replacement for in the first place.

Terry Reid is still alive and looks better than any of you do. Just an FYI.

Still not going, and you can't make me.


LAP said...

Miss Trixi should be the only replacement for Robert Plant.

MissTrixi said...


The only thing I want more than to be WITH Robert Plant (circa '76), is to actually BE Robert Plant! much as I love the Zep, I would not see a tour without Plant.


Anonymous said...

Plant's not ready to become part of a novelty act just yet. Good on him.

Jon Hunt said...

Well, having seen the Zep at that thingy last year, I wouldn't quite call them a "novelty act" just yet. That was pretty damn credible performing.

WITHOUT Plant, it's state fair-level.

Anonymous said...

Plant is still sublime. There's something about hearing that voice live. I've seen him solo over ten years ago, and with Allison Krauss a few weeks ago in a free show at Golden Gate Park. He still has it. I'd much rather see Plant without Led Zep than vice versa. What are they thinking?

Mallory Weiss said...

Oh gawd... all these folks commenting here haven't got a clue. They never heard Terry (Superlungs) Reid sing, so forgive them the ignorance... Jimmy Page wasn't stupid when he made that offer to Terry back in 1968.