Monday, October 27, 2008

I Think I Discovered The Reason Watergate Happened

(This entire post is dedicated to Chris Hill.)

So this weekend Trixi and I were in San Juan Capistrano. See, we've decided we're going to take these cheapy trips every weekend to places that are not Los Angeles, in order to maintain our sanity. San Juan Capistrano is where, like, the monarch butterflies go and hurl themselves off the cliff every summer, or something. I saw that on In Search Of, so it must be true. Also, there is a Mission there, and its really quite astonishingly magnificently ruined and awesome. If you like Ruined Stuff, you have to go there and look at it, 'cause wow.

Also, I bought a Mego Captain Kirk from the 70s.

Here's the Chris Hill part though, and is related to his obsession with the Presidents -- so apparently Richard Nixon really dug San Juan Capistrano, right? There's this plaque at the mission talking about the time he came there and rang the bells. So we went to this awesomely cheesy mexican join in town called, like, "Adobe" or "El Adobe" or "Las Ketchup" or whatever, I forget. But they had an item on the menu called "PRESIDENT'S CHOICE." It was one chile relleno, one enchilada and one taco, and apparently not only did President Nixon eat this particular dish every time he was in town, he had it specially prepared for him at the white house too. And of course, I had to order it -- "for Chris," I said, because I knew he would order it too.

Here's me, making a Nixonesque pose next to my "President's Choice."

And it was yummy, and all -- but it gave me horrible, painful stomach and intestinal issues for two days.

So my theory is: the reason Nixon was such a surly, insane bastard during the latter half of his presidency probably has to do with his stomach being a painful, acid-y mess the entire frickin' time from eating this angry Mexican food.

So, I guess, when you think about Nixon, give the guy a slight break. You probably would have broken into the DNC Headquarters, too, with a gut like that. Seriously.


belsum said...

Awesome. I totally buy that theory.

And also? Yum.

Jon Hunt said...

The rest of it was good, but the taco tasted vaguely spoiled. I wonder if that's how Nixon liked it?!

Superbadfriend said...

"taco tasted vaguely spoiled"

Ewww no wonder you had tummy issues.

patrick said...

every time i eat at el coyote i have the same problem; like that one time i had the beef in red sauce after that backyard gig? ouch. glad you're visiting some of california's gold.

Molly P said...

I thought in the pic you were doing air quotes, as in "President's Choice" and "For Chris." I thought(in real quotes), "Wow. He is certainly a well-prepared blogger." (End quotes.)

chris said...

This is Chris Hill. Sorry for the annonymousness of my reply but my technology is being nasty to me. Much like Nixon's ass after too much sour Mexican. Anyway I'm having trouble with all my accounts today, but I do appreciate the dedication. I went to DC this year and sadly the Watergate is under reconstruction, so I couldn't stay there.

On another note, this new Cure record (Yes I call em records still, I'm old!) is a lot like Wish. which is good, of course I'm so old that I consider Wish to be a newer Cure record even though it is 16 years old.

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