Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So...Chinese Democracy.

I'm famous (check it out if you don't believe it -- LITERALLY FAMOUS) for being the guy to doubt that famously long-gestating albums from legendary bands will EVER come out. I swore up and down that a second Stone Roses album wasn't on its way (and maybe its better that it wasn't, right?) and I swore up and down that there wasn't any way in hell that My Bloody Valentine would ever pull their shit together and release a followup to "Loveless," but...

...oh. I was right about that one.

But of course I also swore that ""Chinese Democracy" would never be released in our lifetime, and I turn out to be, happily or sadly, dead wrong about that. So far I am wildly underwhelmed by what I'm hearing -- it has none of the incendiary punk rock charms that "Appetite" did, nor the thrilling bloat of the "Use Your ILlusions." I'm also pretty sure that it doesn't have a chorus to speak of. Sigh.

Go here and let me know what you think. 'K?


MissTrixi said...

Don't forget about the *free* Dr. Pepper now!!!

Wouldn't you like to be a Pepper too? ( I had SUCH a crush on the guy in that commercial when I was younger -


Ziggy said...

Sounds like they lilfted the riff from "Rock You Like a Hurricaine".

Anonymous said...

People will buy this at first for the same reason that they slow down to stare at a wreck.

Axl should have released this as a solo album. This isn't GnR. Axl sounds like he replaced his voice when he fired the rest of the band.
GnR was unique because they had a sound that was theirs alone, instantly recognizable. This mess throws all of that away.