Wednesday, April 30, 2008


You may all be familiar with Patton Oswalt's routine about the KFC Famous Bowl. If not, go watch it. I'll wait.

Ever since I first heard this -- despite the fact that Patton makes it sound that anybody who would eat these are TRAGIC HUMAN BEINGS WITH NO LIVES -- I've *desperately* wanted to try what he calls a "failure pile in a sadness bowl." So tonight, finally, after literally years of anticipation, I finally had the KFC Famous Bowl.

And guess what? Despite the fact that I'm a THIRTY SEVEN YEAR OLD MAN who is eating a gigantic pile of mushed-up food from a plastic bucket, we both agreed it was pretty damn good. Except for the fact that between that and the Jollibee I am producing enough grease to lubricate an automobile manufacturing plant. And my stomach has painful, searing acid burning through its protective sac. And I still, for a second day, smell like bad chicken.


LAP said...

Oh no. Johnny, just no. It's the shredded cheese that seems so fundamentally wrong about that plate for some reason. It's like if it were just potatoes and chicken strips and corn and gravy it would make awful sense somehow, and then the cheese makes me run screaming from the very idea.

Superbadfriend said...


Is that what is hanging from the bowl?

I wondered if it was coleslaw or something related to KFC.

Really, cheese ant KFC?

Jon Hunt said...

It is SO cheese.

And oddly, it brings the whole thing together.

Mike Anonymous said...

It'll never be perfect until they stuff it all into a Hot Pocket.

Jeff said...

I haven't been able to bring myself to do the "bowl" deal; the Southern U.S. equivalent of Carl, Jr. (Hardees) has a similar deal with breakfast items.

But back to KFC in closing...If they ever put together a bowl comprised of their gravy, mashed potatoes and cole slaw, I'd be so there. Diet and sensible eating out the window for a fortnight...I'd order four of those babies, put them in a big, big bowl of my own, and eat that glorious concoction while lying in my bed al'la Brian Wilson early 1970's mode...or would mid 70's Elvis be more appros?

Liebenow said...

Did yours play Pink Floyd while you ate it?

vfleblanc said...

Darlin' it sure beats cooking some days!!

belsum said...

Nice hat.