Monday, April 28, 2008

Much delayed weekendblog

Ugh -- last week was STRESSFUL. Without going into sordid details, let's just say there was stuff going on in our lives that would have thrown most people for a serious god-damn loop. And yet we came out the other end, bloodied but unbowed. Hence my lack of blogging, folks -- that, and a weekend which, for the first half, was up to our usual insanely busy standards. The 'Phial played a housewarming party at this gorgeous house on Mt. Washington with an incredible stepped backyard that I woulda killed for (and they're paying less rent than we are -- as Trix says, "location, location, location!"). We slayed, of course, as we always do -- and the party was attended by Friends of Mothers of Notable Actors and at least one Argentinian pop star, which made for an intriguing blend o'folks. Earlier that day, we made a good start on some recording, so expect some actual recorded things to surface in the next month or so, if all goes well.

Sunday was, and always seems to be, Errand Day, where we run around and try to complete all the stuff that most people that don't live in Los Angeles and get to leave work at a reasonable time get done during the week. Somehow we managed and got in some quality hang-out time which, after our week of tizzy, we so desperately needed. The new Doctor Who episode is fantastic, by the way, can I get a "what-what" from my fellow Torrent downloaders? Whoo!

Oh, and LA denizens -- check out the LA Mill cafe on Silver Lake Blvd. (right down from Spaceland!) for some of the best damn food I've ever had in my life. Their version of S'Mores -- with lemon marshmallow creme, lemon grass, fresh kumkwats and delicious chocolate creme -- was the best dessert I've ever eaten (sorry, Nobu New York! You've been served.)

Enjoy yr. cheese sandwich. I'll blog about substantial things later.


belsum said...

What-what indeed. Martha!!!!!

Patrick said...

la Mill on Silver Lake Blvd... but I'd rather keep it more of a secret anyways! I can't believe not one word about the 'downside' of a terraced backyard and a gig taking place 3/4 of the way up.

Jon Hunt said...

Two words: TOTING GEAR. Yeah, that sucked, but ultimately, the intrigue of the location won out!

LAP said...

Being the cool rock band at a party is really not cheese. If there was a way you could be the party band at a party scene in a movie all 60's-style that would be cheesy, but would also be quite awesome.

Smores of all kinds are never cheesy. Unless it was somehow a Velveeta S'more with bacon instead of chocolate or something, but that would just be a sandwich.

Ashley! said...

I think there's just been a horrible stress spell circulating the LA-Area, everyone I know is under it (myself included). If I did decide to throw a bday party in the next week and a half for my 22nd bday i'd love to have silver phial play, unfortunately I dont know if I can get an argentenian pop star to attend. If only.

Febrifuge said...

I was learning how to SAVE LIVES over the weekend, and they gave us today off. Monday is just about the perfect cheese-sandwich and errands day.

Glad to hear about the surviving. I hope it wasn't anything too grody.

Less than 3 weeks to the big event!

Jon Hunt said...


"Oh, I was off saving Tibetan orphans all last week, so I totally know what you mean by stress!"

Superbadfriend said...

WHAAAAT? WHAAAT? How's the Doctah going to fix the world this time?

Damn, I hate 2-parters. C'mon weekend.


MissTrixi said...

Oi! What a week! And let's not forget that our air conditioner broke and that it's 180 degrees here.
(Prone to I don't know...ask our neighbor that likes to watch games shows 24/7 with the volume up so loud that my ears bleed. She's 480 years old!).
Yes, it was a tough week, but the weekend show in the back yard was glorious. It felt like a european spy movie in the 60's. There was even a lock down and police search spanning many city blocks not far away from the festivities.
Yay Martha...we are all so very mad about you. But I agree on the two parter dealio. WHY?????
I'm gonna go soak in an ice bath now.

Superbadfriend said...

I was so blinded by the Doctor Who comment, I forgot to discuss your's and Jonny's Terrible, Rotten, No Good, Very Bad Week. :-( I am glad the weekend perked you both up though.


Did you take pics of the sloped terrace? If you could only imagine the snapshot I have of The 'Phial anchored to the ground with industrial-type bolted shoe straps and cables hanging from the trees to hold the keyboards in mid-air.


So sorry about your hard-of-hearing neighbor. Y'know, cable cutters work wonders. She would be forced to knit or read...hmmm?

Febrifuge said...

HA! No, I did not mean to put yr stuff into contrast, dude. I just wish I'd had something more like your weekend.