Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Silver Phial, at long last!!

My friend Ashley Aguirre sent me these fantastic videos of a couple Silver Phial songs, so I thought I'd throw 'em up on YouTube for your edification! They at least give you some idea of what we're dealing with here.

This first one is "Mountain Boy" -- sorry, it gets cut off at the top and bottom, just a little, but it should give you some indication. This is, like, my favorite one to play because there's that bit where our harmonies just fucking TAKE OFF. Plus I get to play harpsichord. You'll see.

This second one is a cover of Johnny Rivers' awesome "Poor Side of Town," in which Patrick and Cheryl trade off leads -- I like it almost better than the original, if I do say so myself.

Yes, that's my cowboy-hatted head bobbing around in the foreground!


MissTrixi said...

Mountain Boy actually brought me chills that's that good (and no, I'm not getting a cold...but both of our cats seem to be).

There's also a moment in Columbus Ohio where the three part harmonies just resonate. I can feel it in my soul!!!

And that cowboy had is smokin!

Ashley! said...

The Official Silver Phial Fan Club would like to announce a special limited edition of hand crafted Rockstar Jonny™ Bobble heads.

Ashley! said...

as inspired by the videos.

Jon Hunt said...

I'll take TEN.

Superbadfriend said...

I'm in for 8!

These videos are awesome. I love the way yer head bobbled to and fro. heehee

Have to listen at home tonight, since I have no quiet ears to put on while at work.

Congratulations. :-)


LAP said...

These were so great to get to watch! I love "Poor Side of Town" with the verse tradin', it's not as sad with Cheryl's soaring voice either- in a good way. Record soon!

belsum said...



Jeffrey said...

You guys sound like a combination of The Byrds/Young Rascals to me :-) -- Jon's got a Felix Caveliere vibe going on keyboards :-) -- Loved Mountain Boy, too. Poor Side Of Town brings back sweet memories for me; it was one of the first 45's I remember my big brother spinning on his suitcased-sized record player when I was a wee lad in the summer of '66. Very nice cover, Jon...Keep doing what you're doing...I look forward to more...