Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Quick Silver Phial Bragblog

So last night? We cut vocals for our recording of "Mountain Boy?" And we did it LIVE, old style, everybody grouped around a microphone. Even the lead vocals, baby. And then we double tracked it. And then we TRIPLE TRACKED it. And we did it all in ONE FUCKING TAKE, and the pitch was completely perfect every time. Easy? Hell no, it sure isn't, just ask the Beach Boys.

God, I love being in this band.


Anonymous said...

we love you! couldn't get to sleep last night i was so excited. it was better than high grade cocaine it was that good.

Ashley! said...

Ahem, mp3 that shizz!

Jon Hunt said...

Ash! We will, as soon as its mixed, believe me!!

MissTrixi said...

You were bouncing off the walls when you got home, and I think you kept chattering about it well after I fell asleep.

I could not imagine you lot recording this any other way. Next time I'm bringing the jug of red wine and the insense!


LAP said...

I can't wait to hear the result!

Aeijtzsche said...

I'm trying to imagine some major-label, big name group getting that excited after their engineer finishes copying, pasting, autotuning, vocaligning, auto-tripling, comping, and sample replacing their vocals.

Doing it the way you did is way more salubrious to the soul, I think.