Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mid-weekend update

(NOTE: I'm gonna do an LA food blog soon. Promise. We've been crawling the restaurants in our area, and there's some awesome ones I feel like I should rave about for the LA readers.)

So yesterday I had this MAJOR FINANCIAL PROBLEM and then the air conditioning in our apartment DIED A DEATH meaning its like 200 degrees in here, and our original plan to make a Traditional Minnesota Dinner (hotdish, bars, ambrosia salad) for our friends Patrick and Cheryl had to be postponed because a) they would have died of heatstroke and b) I would have been all grumpy and cross and would have been no damn fun to be with.

So we figured "eh, we'll take in a movie." So we wandered over to the New Beverly Cinema, where Joe Dante is doing his AWESOME Dante's Inferno film festival. Even though the disclaimer said that the CELEBRITY INTRODUCTIONS WOULD ONLY BE ON FRIDAY, in fact, they lied -- Joe and Quentin Tarantino were there, introducing the festival. And the amazing blaxploitation flick "Truck Turner" -- we missed half of Joe's hilarious, satirical "Hollywood Boulevard" -- was introduced by John Landis!! JOHN LANDIS, people, and he seems like such a sweet, approachable guy!! -- and Jonathan Kaplan, the director of the film. If you haven't seen "Truck Turner," see it now. Isaac Hayes plays a hard-as-nails bounty hunter, and Nichelle Nichols plays a psychotic, bitchy madam ("We're all family! NOW GO OUT THERE AND SHOW 'EM WHAT YOU GOT!"). Its amazing. And if you live in LA, make sure you get down and check out the rest of "Dante's Infermo" -- the 26th is a midnight showing of "The Howling," you can't miss that, can you?

We bailed before the midnight showing of "Gremlins 2: The New Breed" (too sleepy/grumpy) and headed to Canters, and on the way we saw ***GEORGE CLINTON*** and Macy Grey. Not even sitting BY each other, just sitting outside at a restaurant enjoying the summer weather.

I'll update more if anything interesting happens today. We only got like 3 hours of sleep last night so today might consist of napping and other sedate activities. Oh, and its still 200 degrees in here.


Anonymous said...

George Clinton?! STFU!!

Seriously, this whole weekend felt like it was straight out of Do the Right Thing. Ok, I'm gonna go bathe in ice cubes now and eat watermelon. Summer isn't even here yet, could you believe that?



Anonymous said...

So, is everything okay now, or do you need care packages??

Max Sparber said...

Nichelle Nichols was never hotter than in Truck Turner.

Jon Hunt said...

Everything is okay now -- hopefully!

Jeffrey M. Rosado said...

Damn, Jonny! 200 degrees THIS early without A/C in your slice of Cali-forn-i-a? (obligatory Beach Boys reference). Geez. Then again, I made the mistake of not bringing a single coat when I first came to L.A./Santa Monica two years ago in November '05 to visit fellow media friends...and paid for it dearly with a killer diller cold after returning to the Southland (sounds like the weather is as nutty there as it is here in Tornado Alley).

I've heard Landis is a really nice guy...and I'm envious you got to breathe the same air as QT...that guy and I could have some serious movie conversation...he's a big hero.

If you and Miss Trixie ever get Memphis way (along with the rest of you Hatesexy faithful), you gotta check out the Stax Museum which has more than quite a few items belonging to Mr. Truck Turner himself (Brother Issac). Spent over three hours in the place...that's how much stuff they have...and you'll get goosebumps in the faithfully restored recording studio (Otis, Booker T./MG's, Sam and Dave, etc.)


Ashley! said...

I forgot to mention, anytime this happens you and Miss Trix are welcome at my palce, I've got central air conditioning.

Ashley! said...



Jon Hunt said...

I vote "palace!!!"

Becky said...

We stroked Issac's gold-trimmed Cadillac at the Stax museum about three weeks ago! I recommend!