Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hey! I'm officially an Angelean! A 5.4 on the richter scale!! It felt like being in a boat on a REALLY choppy ocean, for about ten or fifteen seconds. At first, I thought a really big truck was driving by. I hear it was much worse in other parts of town -- things falling off shelves, etc. -- but out here in Venice, it was pretty mild. Everybody's okay, BTW, for those of you who are wondering. 'Twasn't a big one. Scared the crap out of Bayswater, our fat black and white cat, but that's about it.

Eventually we'll plunge into the ocean. But not today.

Unrelated note: currently taking in the new Primal Scream record. It's...strange. I'm so used to them being so dark and dank and scary as shit that what the hell do I make of a cheerful happy 80s pop record?? There's a freakin' disco song on it that sounds like Blur from ten years ago. It's kind of baffling. I'll let you know what I eventually think of it. Right now I'm on the fence.


ashley said...

we have really cheap thin walls at work and anytime anyone slams a door the walls kinda shake. So i dismissed it all at first, until my chair rolled back and I hit the wall.

My problem is that I'm completely on edge because of it. Like now, a door just slammed and I almost dropped under my desk.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

That was so not a real earthquake. Pussy.

Chris Hill said...

You'll never plunge into the ocean. The fault moves along the coast and not away from it, but you will all die horrible deaths from debris falling on top of you. I'm sorry buddy, but you know how much I crave an apocolypse. I would love La to be completely destroyed. Maybe you'll be vactioning with the Nobles when it happens.

Cybele said...

I once told my sister when she was living out there that LA, with quakes, fires, riots, floods, mudslides, was like Sodom and Gomorrah. After I explained what those were (no Biblical scholar, my sis) she asked what I was wearing. January in Baltimore being much like late November in MN, you can imagine: several layers. After I described, she said, in a voice that can only be termed 'smug', "I can wear SHORTS to an earthquake!"

Superbadfriend said...


Plus Aftershocks!!!

no thank you.

MissTrixi said...

And what was the first thing I did once the tremors stopped (and I ran gleefully around the room saying 'earthquake! Weeeee!') but was call YOU!.

Bayswater's eyes were 'Cartoon big', he was so horrified. Poor guy. Took him hours to come out of hiding, only to have a messenger send him right back under the bed with a knock at the door.

Pyewacket is one cool kitty. Not even the earth moving could get in the way of her grooming routine.

And me, all I could think of during the quake was how I was going to save my martini glass collection while standing smack dab in the middle of the living room because I forgot all my 'training' from years ago and neglected to dive for cover or a sturdy doorway.

And then, it was over.


Anonymous said...

Dude, it's Angeleno, not Angelean.

Jon Hunt said...

I think technically you say "Angelo" seperately, and "Los Angelean" when you say it together.