Friday, July 11, 2008

I am still hot for Olivia Newton-John.

This clip is my way of promoting Diablo's film festival at the New Beverly Cinema, Mondo Diablo. One of the films she's showing is, of course, the fantastically awful XANADU, for which I've proclaimed my love in these very pages many, many times. Part of the reason I love XANADU is that I love ELO (who doesn't? If you don't, then we have a problem, and I'll have to make you a mix tape). Part of it is my love for 70s Silver Screen Musicals as a genre. And part of it?

OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN, one of my very first crushes as a kid. Oh, how my heart swooned for her.


LAP said...

Olivia Newton-John AND Gene Kelly, how could I not love it? Also, does she not have the perfect kind of sex appeal? So wholesome, but all naughty in the gaze.

Jon Hunt said...

Exactly!! Well put.

I posted a link a while back to "Toomorrow," this totally weird early 70s psych-sci-fi epic she was in -- did you catch that?

One of the strangest films EVER.

MissTrixi said...

Even *I* have a crush on O N-J. Who don't?

This festival is gonna be fu-u-u-u-u-n!


Anonymous said...

I loved Olivia from the moment I heard If Not For You (which I didn't know was a Dylan written tune at the time)...and that's before I even saw what she looked like...and then my eyes came across the cover of the Have You Never Been Mellow album on a shopping trip with the folks...Hubba :-)

LAP said...

Y'know I totally overlooked Toomorrow in that post because I immediately fixated on The Phantom of the Paradise instead. I just watched "Happiness Valley" on YouTube, and I was immediately taken over by the "why can't I just BE her?" feeling with OLJ first smile. The mid-century modern set doesn't hurt either.

Superbadfriend said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Superbadfriend said...

Olivia was my first girl crush. I heart this film so much. That song, the memories.

I kinda remember Toomorrow.

Was it all a dream?

No one is sure.

Coco said...

Thanks for taking me back to being 13 and dying to watch this every Sunday afternoon (well, unless one of the Ma & Pa Kettle movies was on). This and Buck Rogers probably explains my love of body glitter, peasant blouses, and be-ribboned hair barrettes.

steve zahn said...

Olivian Newton John? I fucked her.

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