Friday, July 11, 2008

PS: Sighted!

At my neighborhood dive bar, the Snake Pit, last night:

Paris Hilton and Benjy Madden!

Which is weird as they are the LAST people I'd expect to see in there. But no matter.


MissTrixi said...

It was questionable to me until we saw the car with driver waiting half a block up.

I love that place. It's such a marvelous dive! And they have absenthe too!


Mimi NY said...

I can't believe I never went there! Next time....

Anonymous said...

Her mom sent me flowers last week.

Because certain privacy laws bind me from revealing why this happened, I will refrain from posting the reasons on here.

I will save the story for another night that involves beer and not me spilling beer and talking out of my arse.


Molly P said...

Who is Benjy Madden? Any relation to that one football announcer who looks like a fish and has a bunch of video games?

And whose parents would name someone Benjy with a "y"? Everyone knows that the only true Benji has an "i" in his name. Just look at that beard and tell me he's not perfect!

Superbadfriend said...

I like Benji. He was such a cute scruffy mutt. I still have yet to try Absenth.