Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'll blog soon, I promise!

Busy moving, you see. Trix and I found a lovely 2-bedroom in a neighborhood NOT blighted by crazy Russians with the night-terrors and homeless people living in abandoned furniture and the weird-ass middle-eastern hairdresser who says "Shave? Haircut? You need it!" every time I walk by his combination home/hovel/shop. In fact, its quite a lovely neighborhood. There are trees. There's a cafe. Lovely shops within walking distance. I can't wait.

I have an awesome travelblog about our trip to Palm Springs with our friends Becky and Jeremy, complete with photos AND video, so I promise promise PROMISE to put it up within the next day or so!


patrick said...

good good good. your first taste of real hollywood. a rich, bold, slightly bitter blend of beans roasted in sunshine, under palm trees, on sidewalks covered by cockroaches and old gum, spiced by myriad pieces of trash. looking forward to the palm springs weekend. i'll post some pictures of the Crane's show for my part.

Anonymous said...

Get a haircut!

(Sorry, couldn't resist throwing an Easy Rider line at ya; now imagine the Middle Eastern guy saying it).

MissTrixi said...

*sigh* We woke up to the sight and scent of sundappled honeysuckle vines outside our window. And it's soooo peaceful and quiet there. I'm in heaven! The cats seem to be adjusting quite nicely too. Bayswater best of all. Jonny thinks it's because he thinks he's back in the old house in Robbinsdale again. To me, it feels like 'home'.
And 'oh joy', there's a coffee shop only 2 blocks away. Ahhh sweet caffiene, the elixir of life!