Monday, June 16, 2008

Quiet weekend

Trix is sick. This little bastard:

...has been attacking her upper respiratory system. It was a weekend of low-grade fevers, desperate hacking, headaches to beat the band, sneezing, stomach cramps and lord knows what else. Poor thing. People who know me know I'm a classic caretaker so of course I was buzzing 'round getting her cold meds, food, and whatever else, whilst insisting she remain prone and snuggled into a down comforter. She, of course, would have none of it and spent yesterday sewing. Girl's ass is kicked and still she manages to do shit. When I get sick I just lie in bed and whine.

Vinyl find of the weekend: The Byrds' "Fifth Dimension" **IN MONO** for two bucks. Whoever sold it to me had no idea what he was selling. Also: "S.F. Sorrow" by the Pretty Things on blue vinyl. One of my top ten faves of all time. Hotcha!

This week is going to be strange. I can tell already. It has that vibe about it. I woke up this morning with one pervasive feeling: weird. That's my Psychic Friends Prediction for Monday, June 16th -- high weirdness this week. Stay in, or go to a cabin or something.

Question for the week: what do you do when you love your job but there's one particular person you work with that drives you to fucking insanity? And you have to work very very closely with that person every single day?


Jeffrey M. Rosado said...

Long distance healing get-well vibes to Trix. I wish I had her energy when I'm down for the count.

Cool Byrds find :-) -- That's one of my fave albums, especially I See You, Captain Soul, Mr. Spaceman and particularly John Riley which may be the best ballad they ever cut...beautiful harmonies and superb string arrangement...and oh yeah, some little song called Eight Miles High. 5D was a very pivotal album because of Gene Clark's departure which meant a lot more songwriting work for McGuinn and Crosby....but they did an awesome job and it really set the stage for what I feel was their first full fledged masterpiece, Younger Than Yesterday.

No comment about annoying co-workers...I'm trying very hard to practice the old saying "if you can't say nothing nice about anybody", etc.--The way I was raised, I try to find good in everyone, but some of the folks on my gig make it very, very hard....

Nick said...

Rose and I were both felled by this mysterious beastie -- i was out of work Friday (and we don't skip workdays at batter blaster central, believe you me) and she's home today nursing that bad boy. It's a rough one.

ashley! said...

Trixi is a trooper. A falcon among birds.

MissTrixi said...

Thanks for the well wishes folks. I'm out of bed and on my way down the road of recovery.

I'm coughing a lot, and sound a bit like Harvey Fierstein with his nose plugged, but I'm groovin' along.