Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh, folks!

This is gonna be me this weekend:

Whoops! Wrong type of "naughty playboy." Lemme try that again.

Ah yes, that's more like it. Why, you ask? Ah, I cannot say, I cannot say, but I shall report when I can. I promise.


Ashley! said...

You have to take a pipe. It's the accesory of choice for one of these things. So, I hear.

LAP said...

Protect Prince from flopping boobies, he's askeered.

Superbadfriend said...


Chris Hill said...

Dude! Remember my sage advice. I know where you're going. That is all I'll say. Don't disappoint me.

Jeffrey M. Rosado said...

Uncle Arthur LIVES!

Loved (and still love) Paul Lynde. We lost the man far too soon.

As for the adventure this weekend with that "playboy", take a camera, take a camera, take a camera!

...and don't forget the smoking jacket.

Febrifuge said...

It's too bad we both looked so dapper. Would have been a shame to get our respective suits drenched by all the shenanigans.