Sunday, June 29, 2008

For Doctor Who Geeks Only

Holy crap, was "The Stolen Earth" not the best episode EVER??



Superbadfriend said...


Are we openly discussing here?

Or should we email?

I am stunned.

Jon Hunt said...

OPENLY DISCUSS -- let people be warned there's spoilers ahead!

Chris Hill said...

There can not really be a regeneration, could there? I was blown away. It felt like old school Dr. Who, yet chock full of all the modern players. Harriet Jones! She made good in the end. And I like how Rose is jealous of Martha, HA! I've been consumed by Dr. Who lately. I even wrote BAD WOLF instead of BIRTHDAY on my son's cake.

Jon Hunt said...

I know, we got the picture, it was AWESOME.

- Not yet QUITE sure about Harriet Jones. Dalek: "We know who you are." Joke? Or truth?

- Severed hand in jar + regeneration energy = ??

Superbadfriend said...

Regeneration??? It can't happen. Cap'n Jack is going to get there and save him, maybe this is how he becomes the Face of Bo? We still don't know how the heck that happened, do we? And we can't forget that Rose has Tardis powers, she has seen everything, past, present and future so she must have to play a part in saving him.Will she die?

I think more heartbreaking, the Doctor and Rose were so close to reuniting. Damn Daleks.

Harriet can't be gone. I think they took her.

Did I miss an episode? How come The Master hasn't made his appearance? why can Donna here the beating drums?


Chris, the photo of Kirkie's cake is the most!

Chris Hill said...

The severed hand definitely comes into play. They took great pains to show the Dr. tripping over it. It's foreshadowing. Rose has messed with the Tardis, yes, Jack is an abomination in time, there is something special about Donna, and the whole thing is taking place in the Medusa Cascade. There are too many factors for this not to be a fake out. Still, if the Dr. regenerates I'll cry. Of course I said that last time, and I can hardly image Dr. 9 anymore.

Jack does become the face of Bo, but i think it occurs slowly and weirdly over so very much time. Billions of years. Poor Jack has to live through out time like Marvin the robot in hitchhikers guide. Our Jack is still close enough to his own time to have his same identity, though that is fading. At some point the fact of his being an abomination will lead to him leaving his humanity behind. Gone will be the dashing horndog we love, Jack will become what he must to endure and keep life interesting.

Superbadfriend said...

H-E-A-R I meant Donna can HEAR the drums. Good god. I need to proofread this stuff. Chris, I agree on all levels and we will discuss further because there are just too many fake outs, like you said. Too much happened. Didn't Rose mention to Donna she was the most important woman in the universe?

JON what say you?

belsum said...

Donna has to be a Time Lady. She just has to be, right? I mean, she can hear the drums. And she creates paradoxes and draws coincedences to her. And she's Important. And we know that Gallifreyans can transform into regular humans with no knowledge of what they are. And she's already powerful enough to freak out the chick with the time beetle. And the Shadow Proclamation chick said that she's sorry for her yet-to-happen loss - innocence of what she is perhaps?

I don't like how Rose was being played. Did Billie just forget how to do that character? Plus: too skinny.

Jon Hunt said...

Its something weird with her teeth. I think she had her teeth done and it makes her talk funny.

MissTrixi said...

Hah...she had her mouth wired shut to lose wieght! (I kid).

I think the hand comes into play to help this regeneration along because he so very close to 'true' death. Think back to Baker/Davison and The Watcher. Maybe (if we are lucky) we will get to keep D.T. because of the use of the cells of the hand? I'm not ready to let that lad go yet!

I think Harriet Jones is toast and they (the writers) gave her a chance to redeem herself before she kacked it. I love her character! Even when she was doing stupid things I loved her.

And I can't even say how happy I am that Davros is back. The creapiest villain ever. He looks like a Geriatric in fetish gear. Briliant!

Donna is special because she is Donna! I love the idea that this earthling can be so important simply because of her character. Maybe I feel a kindred spirit in her because someone made me feel not important by telling me as much in my recent past (*cough - dik - cough*) and it's grand to see her prove how amazing she really is simply by showing her moxie. Go DONNA!!!!

And by the way...Where the *&%$^ is Mickey?


Anonymous said...