Friday, January 11, 2008

Sorry! Busy!

1. Found a fucking awesome band to play with, and most of the people to constitute a West Coast version of Silvergirl. More later as things develop. Promise.

2. Busy designing posters. Brain totally taxed from a week of creative thinkin'.

3. Miss Trixi is in Los Angeles, which completely thrills the hell out of me. Just five days -- for now. We gotta make this a permanent gig, and pronto. Your Faithful Writer is in love.

4. Listening to: Miles Davis, the "On The Corner" sessions. If you like music that sounds like a human soul being rent from a body, this is your gig.

Your Faithful Writer needs a drink.


Anonymous said...

Kickass. Wish I could be in LA to rock with you (all niiiiiight) and Silvergirl. Say hi to Trix for me and invite her to the Record Room.

Anonymous said...

If you need anyone to play music with, I'm down...any time or place.

Bitches Brew owns my soul.

-Assley (