Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My new band!

So this the band I just joined, Silver Phial. The band is based around Patrick Cleary and Cheryl Caddick, two extremely awesome singer/songwriters who are as obsessed with the sort of psych-country-"canyon-rock"-sound as I am. Patrick is a fucking DEAD RINGER for Gram Parsons, and Cheryl sings like a fucking angel. I'm playing keys and adding a third part to their already lovely harmony blend, and our first practice last Sunday kicked so much ass we were all grinning like mad fools.

Perhaps its too early to say, but I'm all aflush with my predictive abilities re: the Cody Oscar nom -- I PREDICT GREAT THINGS.


LAP said...

With all your upbeat and exciting news of late, the new band is somehow the most exciting, especially since the band you left in Mpls. was full of such great players..

SO YAY, and I got such a feeling when viewing the nominees for best original screenplay today as well...

I don't always chime in, but it's so great to have you posting and happy and I have my fingers crossed for the happy to keep flowing...

Prince Gomolvilas said...

When's your first gig?!?!?!

Jon Busey-Hunt said...

The 25th of Feb, and I will SO let you guys know the details WELL in advance.

MissTrixi said...

I heard there's some other event going on in LA the night before your gig, not sure what it could be. No matter, cause I've gots to fly out there to see you play.
Look for me in the audience. I'll be making doe eyes at the hawt new keyboard player. Maybe he'll take me home after the show *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Hey, predictions are my area of expertise. Yes, you are correct.
Great things are going to happen. We can't wait to watch as your adventures unfold right before us.

Good luck, dear.

Please do let us know in advance when you will be playing. Some of us would love to fly out to see you and cheer you on!