Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Today's Recommendation

Lori Cullen, aka Buttercup Bugle, does exactly the same kind of jazz-inflected soft pop that the Free Design did years ago. And guess why? Yup -- stuff was arranged and produced by Free Design GENIUS Chris Dedrick. Go here and check out her frickin' BRILLIANT cover of "I Found Love," a Free Design lost classic, arranged and co-sung by the man himself. And the rest of the songs are gorgeous too. Phenomenal stuff.

More soft people, people. You need more soft pop in your lives.


Alex Ray said...

That was a lovely little suggestion, glad I got to hear it.

Long time no speak, hope all is well

Alex Ray said...

Hmm, that came up as one of the allied chemical things. weird.

But no it is not Alex Ray fictional CEO rather me Chris Strouth.

ps my blog is here
just put you on my roll!