Wednesday, October 24, 2007

By the way, in reaction to the news on Diablo's blog about "Jennifer's Body" -- the odd description of "Heathers meets Beetlejuice" doesn't quite get across how freaking twisted, and how freaking *hysterical*, this script is. Its really an animal that hasn't been made -- a smart supernatural thriller that manages to be completely funny AND completely horrifying and scary, sacrificing not one jot of either. We're both serious horror nuts ourselves, and when I read it for the first time, I proclaimed it to be *as good as Juno in every way* -- possibly even better. And yeah -- Megan Fox is the perfect choice for Jennifer. You'll see. This is the one I was most excited about, of all her projects, and I'm really glad its gonna get made. You *will* be blown away. Trust me.


Febrifuge said...

Who should direct, do ya think?

I remember Juno was a really good read, and seeing the trailer is goose-bump-worthy because Reitman is clearly on the right wavelength. I'm confident the final product will mesh well with what's in my head.

But horror movies are arguably even harder to get right, in terms of tone.

Jon Busey-Hunt said...

I agree -- there's very few directors who can acheive that. I'd say Edgar Wright would be my personal top choice, but someone like Robert Rodriguez or del Toro would be hot too. Depends on if they get comedy -- I'm almost tempted to say find a comedy director and teach them horror, rather than the other way, but its tough!

Febrifuge said...

There are some pretty funny bits in Hellboy... and another perk with Del Toro would be having approximately 15 hours of Diablo in the DVD extras!

Rodriguez would be sweet, plus maybe Megan Fox would get to kill Quentin Tarantino.