Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Photo Bolg

Ahh -- a relaxing weekend for once! I could blog about the strange gig we played on Friday at 2AM at a gallery downtown that smelled like fresh spray paint but I think the brain cells covering that memory were killed by the fumes. So let us move onto the REST of the weekend, which was lovely.

First off, we hit the Schindler House, a fantastic 1920s residence a few blocks from us which has the distinction of being the first piece of architecture built in the Modern style in America. It was designed by Rudolf Schindler, a disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright and nemesis of Richard Neutra. It's been lovingly cared-for and restored, and is used currently as an art gallery. Fans of modern architecture, check this out (all photos, of course, by the talented Miss Trixi B, except the ones she's in):

This is an awesome view of the back of the house. Notice all the wood -- and notice how low-hanging everything is, the ceilings were only about 6'5", meaning my friend Jay Hurley would be banging his head all the time if he lived there.

'nother view of the back. That viney thing up near the top left? That's the SLEEPING QUARTERS. They're open air, up on the roof of the building.

This fantastic shot is one of the open-air fireplaces in the backyard.

For Trixi fans (and there are many): The lovely Miss Trixi B in the kitchen of the Schindler House.

...and in amongst the bamboo in back of the house!

On our walks 'round the neighborhood, we also discovered THIS house, about which I know absolutely nothing:

...then, we visited the set of The United States of Tara, the Spielberg/Cody program for which Trixi works. Here she is sitting in the chair of one John Corbett, whom you may remember from Sex In The City and Northern Exposure:

Coming soon: my review of the HALF of Hellboy 2 that we made it through before WRENCHING the fucking thing out of the DVD player.


MissTrixi said...

What a way to spend the weekend on the cheap...looking at kewl architecture 'round the 'hood!

The Shindler house is so peaceful. My theory is the presence of the bamboo. I think it breathes in harsh reality, and breathes out tranquility. It's like an Island of calm in the middle of the turbulent waters of West Hollywood.

And yeah...I was afraid that Corbett was going to kick me out of his chair, but he never did :-)


belsum said...

What?! Does that mean you did not love the Hellboy action?!?!?!

Jon Hunt said...


ashley said...

More Trix pix please!

You didn't go on till 2am, wtf?!!

Did the mexipunk bands get all rowdy er somethin'?

LAP said...

I love that something that seems so mid-century and swinging was built in the 20's. The more I look into modern design, the earlier I find it started. But Trixi's look is of course timeless.

I have heard Hellboy II described as crap by a parent who liked the first as much as I did, which is to say enough to watch it with our kids and not read a book at the same time.