Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Cheese and Onions Clearinghouse

First off, a little old business -- this is Halloween In West Hollywood, a decadent insanity featuring about 400,000 (seriously!) costumed, drunk freaks staggering up and down Santa Monica Avenue and groping each other. Here we see Trixi dressed as Trixie from Speed Racer, touching the extremely rock-hard boobie of Paul Stanley, who looks mayyyybe a little worse-for-wear alcohol-wise -- but man, he's more ripped than Real Paul Stanely ever was, and straighter, too, methinks, if you know what I'm saying.

Yes, I'm saying I think Paul Stanley is gay. No proof, of course, but there it is.

This last weekend, Trix and I went to the desert again. Yeah, we have kind of a thing for the desert. Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Joshua Tree -- we frickin' love it out there. The people are kind of a little batshit crazy and the architecture is insane and the MOUNTAINS IN THE BACKGROUND are staggeringly beautiful. There's something so peaceful about it compared to the "spend seventeen hours in traffic and then slit your wrists" insanity that is Los Angeles.

This time, however, we had a REASON to go -- the B-52s!

Trix loves 'em more than anything, and I dig 'em too -- I was at the Northrop Auditorium show where they, like, literally brought down the house in the sense of "caused the entire infrastructure of the building to collapse." They're in, what, their fifties? Probably? I mean, it was 20-some years since *I* first liked 'em, and they were around for ten years at that point already, so yeah, they have to be, but there's NO way you'd be able to tell. Fred's still talkin' smack, the girls still sing like angels, and everybody's still pretty goddamn hot. We even waited by the tour bus afterwards, and Trix got to talk to Cindy a lil' bit. It was fun as hell.

Then the next day we visited this awesome zoo in Palm Desert called The Living Desert. This is Trix with her "appropriate" shoes, as we headed into the desert for a bit of a hike. Yesterday, oddly, VERY oddly, it was like 60 degrees, windy and rainy. The ONE DAY we planned a nature hike, it frickin' rained in the desert. I kept joking that Kyle McLachlan must be around. "HOW CAN THIS BE? FOR HE IS THE KWISATZ HADERACH!" But then, that's a "Dune" joke and near as I can tell, I'm the only one that ever gets my Dune jokes.

I have more fun to post later, including -- perhaps -- some new music? Should I? Should I?


belsum said...

I'm the only one that ever gets my Dune jokes either.

I took my brother to see the B-52s when he was 12. It was soooo much fun.

Beques said...

It's so fun to be in love with the desert! Whoda thunk it?

Jon Hunt said...

Well, YOU, since you introduced us to it!

MissTrixi said...

B-52's! Weeeee!!!! Cindy was soooo purdy and sweet. Those Athens girls, I tells ya!

It was such a glorious weekend! I got to pet a goat! A the desert!!! Desert people are freakin' bizarro-fun, and I totally look forward to our retirement years there!

Paul Stanley - I can say no more!


(ps - desert people are also painfully nice too!)

Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic zoo in Palm Desert. 60 degrees with a little rain is actually a blessing. I went in July when it was 115degrees. Now, that is uncomfortable. This is a great time of year to be in the desert. If you haven't yet, do the Palm Springs tram. It's especially good in winter when the other side of the mountain gets covered with snow.

Jenni (yeah, no one you know, but I always loved Jon's SmileShop)

MissTrixi said...

Oooh! There's our winter trip planned now :-)


(I got to pet a goat!)

Brash Lion said...

YAY for the CA desert. I miss it so. If you guys ever want to traipse all the way out to Havasu, my parents have a little house there you can stay at (not with my parents)! You can rent a boat and go out on the River! Just don't go during Spring Break.

MissTrixi said...

Oooh! Havasu! We'll take it Court!!!!

Jonny says they film a lot of Pron there. Haha!


Anonymous said...

it wasnt until a few years ago that i watched some old KISS interviews and realized Paul Stanley was like a flaming tranny Cher impersonator impersonating Paul Stanley. only it was just him...being himself. i second your motion. Paul Stanley - gay.
secondly - i was at that same B-52's show! up in the balcony as it began to flex up and down as we danced and the mortar/plaster started crumbling down. such a great night. i hadnt thought about it in years. we didnt know each other back then, but it makes me happy we both were there...

Chris Davis said...

I was at that B-52's show in 1990 at the Northrop too! What a magic night - our kids (in their 20's now) get tired of hearing the story about the bouncing balcony and Fred Schneider imploring us to "Dance in your minds!" Did you know Tom and Rosanne Arnold were there? (They were married the day before.) They sat right behind us and probably couldn't see anything except our butts - since everybody was standing up and dancing (except them!)