Monday, November 10, 2008

New music! New music! New music!

Okay, this is just a LITTLE teaser for the album I'm working on, okay? This kind of doesn't really represent the direction I'm working in, or maybe it DOES in the sense that its darker, fuzzier and more fucked up than the old stuff I did, but its such a cheerful little ditty (unlike many of the others) and there's a nifty story attached to it and so I felt like I should share. Just to get everybody excited about whatever new band I eventually put together around these songs.

The story is this: about a week ago, I had this REALLY vivid dream. In it, I was arguing with my former bandmate and dear friend Mr. Jay Hurley. The argument went like this:

Jay: Dude, it takes WEEKS to write a really good song.
Me: No it doesn't. I can write a song in like four minutes flat.
Jay: Yeah?
Me: Seriously. What's that girl's name you wanted to write a song about forever?
Jay: Matilda.
Me: Okay, I'm gonna write "Matilda." Be right back.

And then I went downstairs, and grabbed a guitar, and WROTE A SONG CALLED MATILDA, in a dream. In a dream. And then the cool thing was? I woke up and remembered every bit of the song, from the chords to the words to everything. And I rushed over to my computer at 5AM and sang the song into it. And the next morning? It still didn't suck. So that night I recorded the song as a full demo with instruments and everything.

And here it is, now retitled "When Trixi Smiles." Enjoy!

"When I'm with you, it feels like home." Somehow in my dream, that sentiment came though, and its absolutely true of the subject of the song.


MissTrixi said...

OK...that just brought tears to my eyes.
My man...he's almost as sweet on me as I am on him!
I wish I could do something can't 'knit' a song.

I remember when you woke up and blurted out 'I just wrote a song!' then disapeared into the other room. I heard that one should not wake a sleepwalker - and here is proof.

Loves it babeh!

LAP said...

I love that it's buzzy and dreamy all in the same song. The guitar part right after "I hope she stays forever now" is just extra awesome.

You can't beat something that sounds sweet and true.

Jon Hunt said...

Yeah, that guitar part!! Its just a scale up and down, and I thought "hey, what better for such a simple song than just a couple scales playing in harmony with each other?"

Thanks -- I'm glad you dig!

Jon Hunt said...

Oh yeah, and I am VERY aware of the similarity in the verses with "I Think We're Alone Now!!" I didn't see that as a bad thing at all really.

I do that a lot. Borrow little melodic hunks from here and there. My subconscious obviously does too.

ashley said...

Awwwwwww. I love the light strings swelling at about :30. and I agree that guitar part is sweet and simple and just the right touch. This song is all full of warm and fuzzy!

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Super hooky! And all that from a DREAM?! Screw you, Hunt!

LAP said...

You got the tween vote on this one too. Both girls asked if "When Trixi Smiles" can go onto their ipods....

Jon Hunt said...

Aw, now THAT is flattering!!!!

patrick said...

it should be a hit my friend. this is like Grade A naturual hot maple syrup. yeah, you should make the next tiger beat cover you tween star.

Febrifuge said...

I'm with Prince: Screw you! The stuff I write in my dreams SUUUUCKS.

(Srsly, gud werk. You haz talents.)

Febrifuge said...

Er, I mean, "Talents: yu haz them."