Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Travel Bolg #3

I'm all fucking Scooby Doo up in this bitch -- we're staying at a gen-yoo-whine haunted hotel in Flagstaff, Arizona, the Monte Vista. Its haunted by like seventeen ghosts, no lie. There's the ghost of two dead prostitutes who supposedly sneak in your room and strangle you at night. Not to mention the ghostly sounds of a baby crying that can be heard in the basement. We've so far seen no apparition but our hallway feels, like, LOADED -- its colder than the rest of the hotel. John Wayne stayed next door (we're in the Lee Marvin suite!!) and he heard the ghostly sound of a spectral bellboy knocking at his door, so we're expecting a late night visit from him. Hope he brings canapes.

Today was the best day of the trip so far -- Route 66 kicked in big time today, like old school Route 66. We spent an hour in a town in New Mexico called Tecumcari, which was, in Route 66's heyday, a major stopover, but now is filled the ruined husks of Guggi-style motels and diners, shuddered up "Cars"-style thanks to the MODERN EXCITING I-40 that now bypasses the sucker. It was absolutely beautiful to people who love ruination and 50s car culture as much as we do. We blew through 2 rolls of film taking pictures of destroyed drive-ins and ancient, rotting motels.

We HAVE pictures, but the hotel's internet connection is all 1800s and shit. We'll post 'em tomorrow, swear.

Product reviews:

- Dr. Pepper Cherry Chocolate (Limited Edition): Trix says it tastes like a chocolate Tootsie Pop (TM) and she's absolutely right. Delightful.

- The "Big Hunk," a weird hard white caramely nougaty thing full of nuts. Trix: "It was far too hard, but if you sucked on it, it got a little soft, and then you're able to swallow it." It tasted great, but was teeth-rotting and kind of hideous texturally.

- Some kind of weird "Nut Cluster" -- it was pink and peanut-filled and was so disgusting I had to spit out the single bite I took. I can't even describe the flavor. Kind of like peanut cough syrup.

Tomorrow: We're LA bound, folks. Can't wait to see the cats again.


Mimi said...

Lovin your road trip descriptions... totally jealous

LAP said...

I have this vision of John Wayne knocking on the door and saying "CANAPES" and wish it would happen to all of us.

Can't wait for the pics!!

Coco said...

This sounds like the most fun trip, ever. Fantastic. Pictures of old dilapidated crap are my specialty, can't wait until they're posted!

Patrick said...

I've been from Tucson to Tecumcari, Tahatchapi to Tonapah, and I've driven every rig that's ever been made---driven them backwards so I won't get weighed. If you give me weed, whites, and wine, I'll be willin'... to be movin'.

vfleblanc said...

No word from you since the haunted hotel. Hopefully nothing strange happened during the night, and you arrived home safely!!

Jill said...

Um...why are you having sex with Scooby Doo? Heh. Sounds like ya'll are having an awesome road trip. Congrats on the engagement!

belsum said...

I really loved Flagstaff. One of the few places we've been that both Chris and I thought, "I could live here."

Maureen Lopez said...

wow so horrorable trip. I really afraid from ghost even i want to enjoy this trip with you.

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