Friday, March 21, 2008

One more song

My daughter -- you all know her as "Peanut" -- and I don't get to see each other often enough. We talk on the phone almost every day, but she lives in Minneapolis and I live in Los Angeles and eventually maybe that will change, but maybe it won't. I miss her like crazy. She's such an awesome kid I can't even tell you. "Candy Girl" sort of froze her at 3 years old, if you've read that, but she's eight now, and she's rad as hell. Today on the phone I reeled off a whole string of totally confusing information to her, and she interrupted me with "Hang on, hang on. Do you come with subtitles?" I laughed so hard I almost puked.

Whenever I want to sort of feel her close to me, I play this song. That sounds so corny, but there you go, I'm a sentimental guy. Her middle name is "Willow," after this gorgeous, heartbreaking Paul McCartney song, my very favorite off his "Flaming Pie" album.

She's coming next week, for the whole week, and I couldn't be more overjoyed. Enjoy. And happy Easter, everybody.


Jon Hunt said...

That actually moved me to tears.
Such a lovely story, and such a very lovely girl!

MissTrixi said...

(seriously, you need to start logging off when you use my computer, or esle people are going to start thingking I'm your fake girlfriend....from Canada!
still a lovely blog though ;-) )

Febrifuge said...

Yay Peanut! I've met her on a couple of occasions, and "rad" is just the word. And people, the way her dad talks about her... it makes a guy want to run right out and have a daughter.

Anyone who wants to know the secret of how Jonny stays so positive, why he's so resilient, how come he never comes CLOSE to giving up on love, good music, and the idea that the world can be a good place... all they have to do is meet the Peanut.

Happy easter (bawk bawk) and have a great time, kids.

mimi said...

I think your girlfriend is fake. From winnipeg.

belsum said...

Awwww. That's very darling.

Ashley! said...

That has got to be the sweetest thing ever.

On another note: You should watch this:

Its an angry voicemail Ryan Adams left Jim DeRogatis, he hates him too.

LAP said...

So pretty. And not at all named for the witch character from Buffy right?

Happy Easter! Happy Spring Break with your peanut.

Jeffrey M. Rosado said...


How cool that like my beloved big brother (who joined John, George, Stu and Eppy in the heavens a couple of years ago), you named your child after a great Macca tune; too.My oldest niece is named Michelle and her sister's named Anna after a great cover tune the boys did way back when from Arthur Alexander (a fellow Alabama guy like me).

Hope you and Peanut have a terrific week together..


Superbadfriend said...

So sweet, I even got all teary. Have a fantastic week together!

Happy Easter Kiddies.


vfleblanc said...

I can vouch for the absolutely delightful times spent with that girl. She is good company, and never at a loss for bright conversation. To top that off she just has artistic talent and intelligence oozing out of her pores! You can't look into those big brown eyes and not feel better about the world in general.

Coco said...

That is so sweet . . .and there's no reason in the world that a dad should not get sentimental when it comes to his little girl. That age is great too-you just start realizing all these great things-like they have their own sense of humor and way of reasoning . . .it's amazing.

curioso said...

Not that its any of my business, but do you have to live in LA? If your DD is elsewhere, can you make do there?