Monday, March 31, 2008

The Kids, LITERALLY, in The Hall.

So last Thursday, Trix and Peanut were at the offices of The Major Television Program on the Major Cable Network where she works. She was chatting up the producer of the show (an almost alarmingly sweet guy), when who should walk by but Bruce McCulloch of the Kids In The Hall.

"Bruce," called over the Producer, "I want you to meet Trixi. She's a huge fan."

"Nice to meet you," said Bruce. Turned out he was officing just down the hallway from Trix, making him literally a Kid In The Hall. Trix held her tongue -- the last time she met Bruce was at First Avenue in Minneapolis; he was drunk, and he was nibbling on her ear. "Nice to meet you too," she replied, grinning nervously. "I'm a huge fan."

As he walked away, the Producer made an offer: "Why don't you stop by this Sunday? We're doing some filming, you could come by and meet the rest of the guys and watch."

So we did. Trix came up with a "good reason" to stop by the studio, some kind of errand that probably could have easily been done from our living room. As we pulled in, the production assistant, another alarmingly sweet person, came over, clipboard and walkie-talkie in hand and said, alarmingly sweetly, "Hey, Trixi -- let us know if you need anything, and oh -- if you wanna stop by the filming, come on down whenever."

We did The Errand, which took all of maybe ten minutes, and headed down to watch the filming. The Producer was already there, and as we walked up and he greeted Trix with a hug, he said "Oh -- there's a Kid In The Hall, right behind you!"

It was Kevin McDonald (whom, if you're not a Kids In The Hall fan like us, you'll remember from Outkast's "Roses" video). "Nice to meet you," said Trix. "Huge fan, you know."

"Thank you, thanks very much, thank you, thank you, thank you," said Kevin, nervously.

"Last time I saw you was in 2002, at First Avenue," said Trixi.

"Oh yeah, that's right, that was the night Dave got punched." It's true -- that evening, apparently, Dave Foley got slugged by the roadie from a Prominent Cool English Band after an exchange of words.

"Uh -- that was my fault. I was giving him vodka-Red Bulls all night," she replied, sheepishly. "Red Bull makes you angry."

"Well, the guy totally misunderstood something he said -- if anything, its my fault, nothing bad ever happens when I'm around, and I took off early that night. I'm like the Angel of Peace."

"I think we're starting," said The Producer. "Why don't you guys come on in?"

At this point I'm revealing no secrets about the scene we watched -- you'll have to go see Kids In The Hall on their forthcoming tour. Suffice it to say Peanut had to watch Dave Foley say the "F" word fifteen times. At least.

Dave Foley, to me: "Are you sure you want your impressionable young child to see this?" Me: "Eh. She's heard worse." Foley: "Good man. My own child doesn't stand a chance."

Bad parenting? Bruce sure thought so, I overheard him telling somebody "I just don't understand people who bring their children to this kind of thing. It's grotesque." But the way I see it is: Peanut, if nothing else, has a well-developed sense of humor for her age. When I was her age, I'd already seen stuff like "Blazing Saddles" and "Young Frankenstein" which, though they did not contain either the F-word were certainly inappropriate for a kid my age. And she's already seen the compleat Monty Python series AND the second Austin Powers movie. So I figure it was part of her comedy education.


Max Sparber said...

Well, I can see why you're fond of Trix.

Jon Hunt said...

Solely because Bruce McCulloch nibbled on her ear!

Max Sparber said...

That's enough for my tastes.

Aeijtzsche said...

Very cool, Jon, I miss watching KITH...Comedy Central used to have it on all the time, but DVD isn't the same as the wonderful organized randomness of TV.

I found that really a large majority of the behind-the-scenes types are alarmingly sweet people. Hollywood really is full of terribly nice people.

Ashley! said...

I don't believe in censoring much, and the smartest kids turn out to be those that are treated with truthfulness and respect. Its all a matter of parenting, even if your kid is exposed to all those things, it all comes down to how well you've thought your son or daughter what's right and wrong. The way you talk about Peanut reminds me about how I talk of my 9 year old brother. I'm sure she's going to turn out to be a genius and rule the world.

Much Love,

Jon Hunt said...

Plus: the way I see it: Eli Roth said recently on his blob that instead of a bar mitzvah or some other youthful thing or other, he watched some godawful horror movie which he still blissfully remembers to this day. HE BECAME A HORROR MOVIE FILMMAKER. If being surrounded by funniness makes Nadija a comedy writer? My job will have been done.

I still fondly remember watching "A Shot In The Dark" with my dad at age 8-ish, and that has Naked Brit Eklund biting naked Peter Sellers.

Max Sparber said...

Eli Roth has his own blob?!?

I want my own Giant Gila Monster.

Jon Hunt said...

I have my own Them, myself.

That's what we're calling them, now. Blobs.

rachel said...

dave foley? nice.

who wouldnt heart him?

MissTrixi said...

Hee hee...I like your stories babeh!

I almost see it as destiny that my job took me to this particular studio. I am a KITH GEEK, and yesterdays shoot was fun to watch.

As for the 'incident' back in 2002.. Mr. McCulloch was working the ladies that night, but I've always been a Foley gal! I had to shy away from the formers advances. Plus, I was too busy trying to get latter drunk.

And yes, the people at my studio are totally in the 'alarmingly sweet' category.


LAP said...

It's sort of endlessly funny that the voice of Flik said his own kids didn't stand a chance.

Of course, I am not big with the censoring. I am now, being challenged a little bit with the language of my 11 yr old because of that, but the only adult she uses it in front of is me. For that, I'm sort of grateful because I at least still know what she's saying...

belsum said...

I love KITH stories. The mister and I went to this little Comedy Central show taping once, no one had heard of it. Something that that one guy, Jon Stewart, was doing after some other guy left. And Bruce was the guest that episode! Woo! And then Mark came on stage to fuck with him! Woohoo!