Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Save This Date: My First L.A. Show

Alright, folks: February 25th. TWENTY FIFTH. 9:30 PM, Mr. T's Bar in Highland Park -- er, the LOS ANGELES Highland Park.

On that date you will be graced with the debut performance of Silver Phial, my new band which stars the fantastic duo of Patrick Cleary (The Digs, Burlington Family) and Cheryl Caddick (Layer, Burlington Family). Believe me when I tell you: the chemistry between the two of 'em is astonishing, like an unholy (or rather: holy) cross between Gram Parsons/Emmylou Harris and Lindsay Buckingham/Stevie Nicks. Patrick's a phenomenal songwriter and I swear to god he's the reincarnation of Gram himself, and Cheryl, as I've mentioned, is an equal-good song/lyric writer and sings like a frickin' angel. And when our three-part harmony blend kicks in? THE WHOLE THING LIFTS THE FUCK OFF THE GROUND.

Dear LA blog readers -- I'm looking at you, S&H, Ashley, Loren/Prince/Gabe/Donovan and whoever else posts here from this fabulous, decadent city -- you must come see me. Also those of you who are looky-loos, including various studio and movie nib-nobs -- Oscar, Schmoscar, I don't care if you're tired from the night before, you are coming down, K?

Did I mention it's free? Did I? It's free. It costs you nothing but a little drive to Highland Park-ish.

Again: FEBRUARY 25th. Mr. T's Bar. Be there.


Becky said...

Just been looking at flights from here to LA!

MissTrixi said...

LOOKING at flights?!? Hell, I'm already on my way!
I'm pealing myself away from the teetering pile of boxes and packing to see this fabulous debut.

Jon Hunt said...

Yo, Becky, if you guys came down I would freak! FREAK!

Ashley! said...

I think I have to do some stand up that night, but I mean I have the rest of my life to be a singing comedian. I'm there fo sho! It's a nice venue, my friend's old band played a show there.

Ahem, and maybe if I finish this demo I'm working on by then, I can hand you a copy and hope I get a nod of approval.

belsum said...

WOO! Break a leg!

Jon Hunt said...

Ashley: more than happy to give you a nod of approval! Bring me a disc! Woo hoo!

Febrifuge said...

Really wish we could be there, big guy. Congrats on the gig... and stuff. ;)