Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gig Report

Okay, so you all wanna know how the show went last night, right? RIGHT?

It almost didn't happen. Twice. First off, Patrick got into a major car wreck -- he was just fine, but his car got totalled. Miraculously he was unshaken enough to still play -- but at this point I realized that holy shit, I'd left the power cable to my keyboard at the practice space. Which meant a pedal-to-the-metal blast back to the space, and even more miraculously Mr. First-Night-Jitters here was able to play also (dude, seriously, I need to get the fuck over this stage fright thing I have. Any suggestions? Folks?).

Best thing: people from all walks of life showed up, including friends I only basically know through here (Samantha! Shout out!) and friends I only know thru The Ex (Chris Biewer! Shout out!) and work folks, and of course the same awesome fucking crew from the Star Trek video -- plus a couple totally rulish Beach Boys-related folks, my pal John and a certain A. Boyd. And of course, presiding over the evening, the awesome Miss Trixi B, my (ahem ahem) fiance.

It was a blast. I'll letcha all know when the next one is. 'K?


jess said...

Jonny! Ya need to have a show here.


Glad everything turned out, no one was hurt, 'cept that car. Yikes.

YAY you guys.


MissTrixi said...

The songs are still playing in my head. So amazing.

And the keyboard player is dead sexy!