Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Okay, look.

I feel like I need to explain myself, here.

Several cynical people have, this evening, commented on the timing of my "engagement" blog post, like it was supposed to be, like, "Oscar-timed" to somehow "get" Diablo Cody. Just wanted to officially and publically and very genuinely say that is horse manure of a very distinct, brown shade. Main thing, and please take note: I have no desire to "get" Diablo for anything at all. I'm proud as hell of her, and I wouldn't waste, like, time every day going onto IMDb like I got nothin' better to do and correcting idiotic trolls posting smack if I wasn't. Y'know? I totally stand behind her in every possible, conceivable way, publically and privately.

And furthermore: what kind of dickhead proposes to somebody to "get" somebody else? Ladies and gentlemen, if I know anything about myself, I am not that kind of dickhead. 'K? Seriously. Whatever failings I have as a human being, and I have many, many, many, many failings (ask just about anybody who knows me!!), that is not one of them (again, ask just about anybody who knows me). The only reason I would propose to somebody is because I love them deeply and truly. Period.

Look. The way it works is this. I was planning to do the deal next weekend in Minneapolis. We got caught up in "a moment" and I rushed things. Peeps who know me know that's the kind of guy I am. I've never been able to keep X-mas presents a secret either. It just happened to have happened on Oscar Sunday 'cause we were out drinking and having, like, the best time ever. Its not like we didn't (incoherently) text Diablo the minute we found out to congratulate her. And its not also like we didn't spend an hour that evening answering emails/texts/phone messages from friends of ours about Diablo. No, I didn't post an Oscar post on the blog because a) I feel like we addressed all that stuff in the Meatworld quite thoroughly with our entire circle of friends and b) I was kind of excited and rather damn proud about, y'know, something that happened in my own life.

I'm not sure a lot of folks' proposals have to stand up to this kind of intense scrutiny and analysis but since mine apparently does, I wanted to make things very, very, very clear to anybody who has any doubts.

One more thing: yes, I'm the type of person, as I've said here before, who leaps whole-hog into things because I feel like I am a good judge of character. I know good people when I see them, and believe me, Trix is good people in extremis. People might think I have a history of "mistakes" behind me but I do not see any of the good relationships in my life as a mistake. At all. Like ever. Okay? Just because relationships sometimes end does not mean they were mistakes, or foolish decisions.

So just to be clear: sometimes life just happens at moments that, to the outside world, may seem oddly-timed, but frequently to the people it's happening to, it makes total sense.


LAP said...

Honestly, anyone who only knows you from reading your blog since you started it knows that too. Or anyone with common sense who doesn't secretly go looking for stuff to judge and dislike people for.

Snoopy dance for your current events.

Jon Hunt said...

You are too, too kind. Thank you so much.

plastic passion said...

wow. people are dicks.

congrats on the engagement!

MissTrixi said...

And when the proposal happened, I didn't think "but...but it's OSCAR Night!". No, the swirl of thoughts in my head did not include a statuette. Oscar wasn't in the room with us at all.

Jonny and I are both spontaneous types, and we have also been through the marriage thang before. We've both known each other, and have been very close for a number of years. Why postpone declaring our love and commitment to one another simply because there is some 'other event' going on in town? We were in a moment that was about us, nothing more. I do hope that is is not part of the norm to allow outside factors and current events to dictate when a person 'should' declare their love with a proposal.

I'm blissfully happy. I adore jonny like no other. When I look back through the years and think of the proposal, Oscar will be but a foot note to that day. No, the old couple at the table next to us at Canters, glowering into their meals as jonny got down on his knee with ring in hand...THAT will be part of the slide show of memories. That and the whole 'love, happiness, affection' thing.


vfleblanc said...

Anyone who knows you two knows you are both beautiful people with pure souls. It is actually uncommon - the kindness and goodwill that you have toward the other people you have been involved with. You deserve nothing but happiness and bliss right now. Anyone who tries to sully that is not worth bothering about!

:-) said...

Again, with the scrutiny? What the hell is wong with people?

What business is it of anyone's, whether or not you fall in love? Or let alone propose to the woman you are in love with? Who says we can only love one person in a lifetime? GRRRRR!

Jonny, we couldn't be happier for you and Miss Trixi. I just don't understand why people can't shut the fuck up and stop projecting their own misfortunate experiences and jealousy onto others.

With that said, CONGRATULATIONS to you both. Spontenaity is a delicious quality to find in one another. Be happy and have lots of adventures.

:-O said...




The Brown Dog Affair said...

As someone who overthinks even the smallest of life decisions, let me say this. I admire yr seeming ability to go for what yr heart and/or soul tells you is right. That you should then have to try and explain or defend an intuitive process which others have over-interpreted is just ridiculous. People can be just downright mean-spirited sometimes, and it's just crappy. Pay them no mind.

Ashley! said...

A few things:

1) CONGRATULATIONS to you on the engagement!! As a person who acts on impulse, I don't think your timing was too quick. Sometimes you dont need years of dating to realize you want to be with someone! So once again, I congratulate you. And you really don't have to explain yourself, eff all those anonymouses!

2) I'm majorly bummed that I couldn't make it out to the Silver Phial debut. I mean really really bummed. I had some stuff I had to get done for school and as much as I'd love to bail out and go see Silver Phial instead of doing shit for school, I couldn't risk falling back another semester! You need to play another show ASAP! Maybe you could even make your way out to the Long Beach Music Scene. Maybe play like The Prospector. There's a lot of good music coming out of there and the entire city. Anyway, hurry and play another show!

3) I was conceived at the Riot House.

4) I'm not sure if you're a Dylan fan, but in which case you are you should defnitely go catch the exhibit on Dylan at The Skirball Cultural Center. If you haven't already.


Becky said...

Jon and Trix, ignore the haterz.
Everyone wants to get their two cents in don't they? I also had to put up with a lot of judgmental crap when I got together with my boy..but who is happier, ultimately- the judgers or you? You go for it!

Stefanie said...

When people become celebrities, they are no longer humans to the public. They get treated accordingly. It's too bad you are getting this kind of crap through osmosis. I have seen some really underhanded shit being thrown Diablo's way on the web lately. Hopefully, it will die down and she, and you and Trixie can live in peace!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for addressing this because some of us nameless, faceless readers worry. Unfortunately, divorces are usually vicious and heart wrenching (and I am so glad that that isn't the case here because really what a waste of capital T time), and so it is hard to wrap our minds around how someone can be so gracious as his ex- significant other attains this fantastic and deserved reward when we believe we know that none of that success could have happened without you. You were from what has been written the core of her life when those words spilled onto the page. It could not have happened exactly as it did if not for you - just as a fact. In the same way that it has been said if it were not for the stripping,she would not have come to the attention of the people she came to the attention of. When the stars aligned for her you were an integral part in that alignment as a matter of course. Not that she couldn't and eventually would have found success because surely she would have but it didn't happen that way. To that end, I just wished for an additional name or couple of names in her acceptance speech that had to do with who also believed in her way before she believed in herself, not just those in power that catapulted her career.( I know, I know - it's a business. She has a career to think about.) I think it is great that from all written accounts you have much more important things to do and think about. If only you could teach the rest of us the art of letting go.

Anonymous said...

Along the same lines, there are a lot of us out here who also hope you are sharing in some of the profits from those first couple of successes. If you're not, shame on Diablo Cody.

Stefanie said...

can understand the concerns expressed in the 2 anonymous comments above, but when I read them, I’m just like “Wow, can you believe we even know this about Diablo/Jonny/Trixie/Peanut?” Jon and Diablo have shared an enormous amount of personal information about themselves online. This does not mean we own them. And to me, the sentiments expressed above seem to come from someone’s genuine concern, but we do *not* own these people! Let’s not confuse concern with trespassing. And yes, I realize they have shared themselves online voluntarily - but they openly reveal their identities, too. I always say, if you are tempted to leave an anonymous comment on someone’s blog, it probably means you shouldn’t.

Anonymous said...

First they make us love them, then we start to care. Can't help that, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Don't want to own them, don't want to trespass, just want to see them ALL do well, I guess.

Accepts Affection said...

Fuck the haters, Mr. former Diablo Cody.

I'm not some expert on love, but I KNOW it's not something that can be summed up or explained on a bolg, on the internet, or any public forum. The "millennium" generation (since 1982!) thanks you for being so open in this new forum. At the same time, it is only up to you to determine how much to reveal and how much not to. I love the internet.

I'm actually from Robbinsdale. And considering your current situation that makes me feel inherently cool. I think both you and Diablo are awesome. Know what. Fuck awards. You met up on the same trajectory. And afterwards. Well, that's that. Create the story online for other people to write.

All you need is love.

It's not for other people to define.

Best of luck!

Accepts Affection said...

And of course I meant BLOG and not bolg. But from now on I am going to call them bolgs.

Honest to bolgs.

Molly said...

congrats guys!

Jeffrey M. Rosado said...

This media craziness surrounding you reminds me of a great lyric from Devil's Radio by George Harrison:

It’s white and black like industrial waste-
Pollution of the highest degree-
You wonder why I don’t hang out much-
I wonder how you can’t see.

Anonymous said...

When I thanked my family for loving me as I am, that included Jonny, Trixi and Peanut.

Mike Anonymous said...

...and the Rock-afire Explosion.

Randeep Katari said...

Congrats! All the best!

Anonymous said...

I think the way the blog entry was written left people open to question your motives. Why exactly did you start drinking at 9:00 am on the exact day Diablo was up for her award? And continued drinking all day? Unless you make a habit of that (and maybe you do, and if you do, maybe you need to do it a little less), it sounds like you were trying to escape something that day. Did you even watch the Oscars while they were on? Diablo's speech was short but moving; it's better to hear it live, especially if you're someone that actually knows her. But, that's just me. It's not what you do, or even how you do it, but maybe you should write about it a little differently.

Reesiecup93 said...

Deepest, heartfelt Congrats Jon and Missi!! I am sorry that you have had to justify your happiness to anyone! We wish you all the best!

Febrifuge said...

Anonymous, unless you want to put your real name - or at least a consistently-used Internet handle, preferably with a Web link - on your posts, there's no reason Jonny or any of us should pay you any attention whatsoever.

Unless you provide some way for other people to see what kind of track record you have, what your ideas and biases might be, then you're just a troll under a bridge.

I can't speak for anybody but myself, but you come off as smug, judgmental, and irritating. You have no idea what you're talking about, and since all we have to go on are these chickenshit anonymous posts, the most logical explanation is that you're a complete douche-nozzle. Surely you can see our problem here, right?

Anonymous said...

All anonymous comments are not from the same person. That last asshole doesn't represent all anonymous commenters in any way.

Febrifuge said...

Indeed -- that's the other problem with them. :)

Jon Hunt said...

Of course we watched the Oscar broadcast live.

And no, I don't make a habit out of it. At least not this year.

Jon Hunt said...

(out of drinking starting at 9, I mean -- we ALWAYS make a habit out of watching the Oscars.)

Anonymous said...

I am the last Anonymous, and I apologize for coming off so harshly. I just was taught never to drink before 5:00 in the afternoon, but since bars open at 6:00 am, many bartender's livelihoods depend on people who break that rule. Thank you for supporting our daytime bartenders. I wish you and Miss Trixi all the best and all the love in the world. May you find happiness and lots of personal success, too. I mean that most sincerely.

Jon Hunt said...

Well, the bloody mary was INVENTED to break the 5:00 rule, but since I generally hate tomato juice, I'd have to say that 98.6% of the time I follow said rule!!

And you were right, I should have written about it a little differently, i.e. mentioning that we watched the broadcast at the Village Idiot bar.

Thanks for the apology. Seriously.

Chuck L said...

Congratulations on the engagement. Best gift you can give each other is to take all the troll bashing time and devote it to each other. Give each other 100% of yourselves and let the past fight its own battles.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this blog. Congrats to 2 stangers in Cali from a cold coast in Nova Scotia.
Sometimes in life we are identfied by events in our lives instead of our lives for what they are. Hope you remain blissfully happy.