Friday, August 22, 2008

I've come to kick ass and chew bubblegum. And I'm all out of bubblegum.

Busy week, Mon Hatesexy Peeps. Sorry for the non-writing, but I've been hyperfocused on lots of other stuff, and haven't had a chance to even peek in and say howdy.

Last weekend we spent a LOVELY pre-paid weekend (pre-paid when we weren't broke, that is!) at the Parker Palm Springs, that fantastic mid-century-modern hotel I mentioned a month or so ago. MAN OH MAN. Vegetarians: I'm sorry to report we ate PAIN that evening for dinner. I had veal, Trix had Fois Gras, and yes, we felt HORRIBLE about it, but man oh man was it delicious. I had to go there at least once in my adult life (the Animal Gods are still SCREAMING for all the veal parmesan TV dinners I consumed from ages four through nine).

Wednesday night was one of the coolest nights evah, at least since I've been in Los Angeles. I attended a party of complete Beach Boys geeks at the home of my friend, erstwhile archivist Alan Boyd. I met lots of people I only previously knew through my former Beach Boys website The Smile Shop -- always severely cool to put a name next to a cyberpresence. I took a whole smackload of pictures, including one extremely geeky pic of me and Brian Wilson bandmember Nelson Bragg. And most interesting of all, I met this guy:

-- Mr. Domenic Priore, author of Look, Listen, Vibrate, Smile, THEE tome on the Smile phenomenon which I basically have memorized. He was an incredibly friendly, approachable, hip-as-fuck dude in person, and he knows his stuff like nobody else. It was fantastic to finally meet him in person. Great guy, 100%.

Last night, we watched John Carpenter red-headed stepchild They Live. You seen it? Okay, you need to. First off, the aliens look like this:

And yeah -- that HAS to be where Shepard Fairey got the idea for his OBEY company, no? Second of all, it stars ROWDY RODDY PIPER, who is actually surprisingly likeable and gets saddled with some of the funniest tough-guy lines in history, including the title of today's blog entry. Third: Yadda yadda yadda political allegory, but man, the view of the world through the magical glasses that remove the aliens' glamour is just FUCKING CREEPY, okay? For THAT ALONE it's worth seeing.

Tonight, late at night, I'm off to Minneapolis again for a weekend with the birthfam, thanks VERY MUCH to my birthmom Gigi, who very kindly bought me a plane ticket. It's my birthgrandad's birthday, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grandpa Beaner who looks like me in 20 years (yeah -- TWENTY -- he's a young lookin' cuss. Native don't crack!) Plus, I get to hang out with the Peanut, which is just automatically cause for celebration. Poor Trix isn't coming, but I see a fabulous weekend ahead for her, too. At least she doesn't have to deal with another two days of MUSIC HEAD.

I'll keep y'all posted after the weekend.


Febrifuge said...

Awesome -- we just watched that movie a few weeks ago. Bless Channel One and "free" digital cable movies.

MissTrixi said...

I enjoyed the evening surrounded by Beach Boy music nerds! It was interesting and enlightening.

I hadn't seen that movie since it came out. We saw it at the Drive-In in '88 and the boys spent the rest of that Summer repeating that &%$* bubblegum line!!!

As for Music Head...I will miss it terribly. I'll let the music of the bands at the fest the weekend drown out the weaping of my sad-jonny missing heart. :-)


Max Sparber said...

I'm giving you a choice: either put on these glasses or start eatin' that trash can.

ashley said...

Can I get permission to take Trixi on a date, that is if she'll have me, while you're gone? *nudge*

Jon Hunt said...


"I'm giving you a choice: either put on these glasses or start eatin' that trash can."


"Bumfight: Cause For Concern." Wiki it.


Again, YES! Go for it!!

Superbadfriend said...

OH man, that is the coolest thing I have heard all week. I love it when you talk about all the nice folks you get to meet. AWESOME!

I will be watching this film at my slumber party tomorrow night. YES! ASH and Trix if you can muster up some serious last minute tix to Chi-town, you are so welcome to join in on the pillow fights and...;-)

Have a safe trip Jonny! Hugs to you all.


Superbadfriend said...

OK it's not really a slumber party.Scott is dorking out this weekend at the Fantasy Football Fest in Michigan.

Leaving me home to play. Heck , maybe I should pack up an overnight bag and come out there?


Jeffrey M. Rosado said...

Way cool on hanging with Domenic Priore; I've never read his book, but I know of him being a fellow BB's geek...Have you crossed paths with David Leaf? I'm hoping to get him on my home video podcast to talk up Beautiful Dreamer and his most recent film, The Night James Brown Saved Boston (which is a must if you love the Godfather of Soul and so timely considering it's the 40th anniversary of the show JB performed in the wake of the heartbreaking loss of MLK).

and Jon, you were so on the money on Meet Glen Campbell...Love it!

belsum said...

Chris is home all week with the boy so you guys should hook up during the day.

Tilt Araiza said...

¡AY CARAMBA! Jon Hunt and Domenic Priore in the same picture together?!?! It's just like that time that Damon Albarn and Noel Gallagher were photographed together. With the major exception that I actually respect Jon and Dom.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Now, I'm off to review Grindhouse way too late! Huzzah!