Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Facebook Frenzy

Remember Friendster? Remember when ALL YOUR FRIENDS were on Friendster and it was all cool and everybody was doing it and you felt left behind so you RELUCTANTLY made yourself a Friendster page, finally, and started friending your friends, and suddenly...

...FRIENDSTER? Man, you are behind the TIMES, buddy! It's all about MySpace! Get with 2005, here, and sign up for MySpace! It's so much cooler than Friendster, because -- well, it is! It just is! Plus, it has bands, and those bands are becoming BIG HUGE STARS so sign up for MySpace NOW, we're all doing it!

So you signed up for MySpace, and juuuuuust when you'd gotten around to updating your site once in a while...

...MYSPACE? Dude, you're still on MySpace? We're all about the Facebook now! All your friends are on Facebook! No, not just all your super cool friends, I'm talking about all your high school friends and your elementary school friends too! We're all here and you're not! Sign up! And while you're here, take this incredibly stupid quiz about what kind of bread you are! I'm Rye!

Can you tell I'm all fed up with networking sites? Can you?

Dude, seriously, slow the fuck down. There is nothing on Facebook that wasn't on MySpace, and in fact, apart from the fact that they very smartly list your friends alphabetically, it offers nothing that MySpace doesn't except a lot lot lot LOT of ways to waste your time in very stupid ways. Plus, I liked MySpace. I have a band profile on MySpace. I met my birthmom through MySpace. MySpace was cool.

I'll make an agreement with you, Everybody I Know. I'm willing to stick with this Facebook thing if you promise me you won't jump ship when the NEXT big networking site jumps out at you with a bunch of shiny things to distract you from the job you hate. Okay? I'll sign up for your quizzes and I'll look at your photographs and whatever else you want me to do, just stick with it this time, okay?


patrick said...

hahah... you are giving them an inch though maestro! amen, brother.

Molly P said...

Dude...you're not on Twitter yet? Pshaw!

belsum said...

I actually vastly prefer Facebook to MySpace on a visual level. And I'm addicted to Flair.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Twitter is SO last week. It's all about Douchebags! It's the newest and coolest social networking site ever! Try it! Douchebags!

Max Sparber said...

Myspace doesn't have Parking Wars.

ashley said...

Have you taken that music quiz yet? I wasted half my life answering questions about Creed, it was disgusting.

It freaks me out that my mom is actually on facebook and she has all her classmates from Duke and spends lots of time on their.

I walk by her while shes on her labtop, "hey mom, whats new?"

"oh, im just on facebook."

It's weird, but then I remembered my mom is only like 3 years older than you. And then I though, "wow, maybe my mom is *kinda* hip now too.

LAP said...

I just reconnected with all my comic shop cronies on Facebook after wondering why on earth they never answered the messages I would send them on myspace. It's all exhausting, but my sister keeps posting new pictures of my new nephew on Facebook too. But I always think of myspace as the greatest internet bulletin board- it's the like you are putting up flyers with your mind...

Anonymous said...

facebook makes me super crabby. theres just too much crap on there. i like myspace so much better. its way more rocknroll-less cutesy-barfy. i think its because no one can poke me or wink at me or hug me. i swear if anyone does that to me on facebook i'll punch them in the face. somehow. is that a facebook option? "kelly just screamed with rage and punched you in the face because you poked her." no? not an option?it should be. -kelly

MissTrixi said...

Totally! First I go to MySpace (I *think* at your insistance) to start blogging. Then I got sucked into Facebook. And then I had a brief encounter with Twitter. I'm sticking with the first two and may continue my flritation's with Twitter as well. Ofcourse, most of the time I'd use for blogging are now spent here, commenting on YOUR blog.

As for Facebook and MySpace, BOTH have their pros and cons -

Facebook- First and foremost, the whole contest/quiz thing on Facebook drives me bonkers. However, getting gifts and flower pots and random cats from friends is quite nice. I also like that I have been able to connect with friends from my waaaay back past in Facebook in such a profound way. A Con is that my ex-husband is on there. The Pro is that his picture looks like ass!

MySpace - The blogging, the musik connections, the visual format (sorry Belsum ;-) ), and the bulliten board. I must know what Courtney Love is up to at all times. The Pro - I can mass post if I have something dire to say to those I need to reach (bulliten). Con - there are a lot of people that find it necessary to post 5 or 6 bulletins a day.

Now, as for this 'Douchebag' that I keep hearing about. Prince, you must post the link. I would love to send you a Prissy Princess Funpack!


MissTrixi said...

I am SO with kelly on that one! Stop poking me dammit!

plastic passion said...

I actually miss friendster. it was the most visually appealing of the big three social networking sites.

Tilt Araiza said...

Facebook is beginning to drag me down. I only set up an account to publicize my radio show, but then stuff stopped me doing this. Stil, I found it useful for seeing who would be attending which event and I could keep in touch with people whose e-mail addresses I didn't. But now I have people on my friend list whom I sort of know in real life and therefore have to accept friend requests from to void genuine social discomfort; but once on my list they then just constantly send me dumb requests that need applications installing.

Febrifuge said...

MySpace doesn't work properly for me in Firefox. And because I decide which scripts can run on any page, it turns out very little can actually happen on MySpace.

Plus, Facebook has dark text on a white background, which is how text is supposed to work. And going to somebody's page doesn't launch ugly rainbow unicorn snot all over everything, or start jamming Dave Matthews music.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is Friendster?

Did you know Ernie is on Catster?
My sister made me do it, so her cats could have friends. GAH!
I am so over the social networks. However, I LOVE the mystery plant and flowers on Facebook. That is the only reason I go anymore, to see if my plants bloomed.


How's about we stick to snail mail and email?

Miss you guys.


Molly P said...

Prince, Douchebags is for pussies. AHAHAHEHEHEH. Catheter bags is for the cool people.