Thursday, November 1, 2007

I just wanted to say:

Just noticed that two albums I was on, Landing Gear's "Breakup Songs For Relationships That Never Happened," and Shatterproof's "Splinter Queen" are now on iTunes.

The latter was the great Long Lost Masterpiece that me and Jay Hurley spent months demo-ing in our practice space, just the two of us, arranging everything carefully and wonderfully until we had what we THOUGHT was a genius frickin' album. The Big Major Label wanted to know why it didn't sound more like REM. Sigh.

I'm so proud of this music, though. That Shatterproof thing is maybe the thing I'm proudest of in the world. You folks should head over to iTunes and give 'er a download.


Ziggy said...

The first half of [i]Splinter Queen[/i]is classic. "Septemberine" should have been a hit. The second half of the album isn't quite as good but still not bad, just not as inspired.

The Landing Gear album isn't to my taste -- it sounds forced, save for the song "Atmosphere", which appears on the superior [i]Landing Gear[/i] EP.

Anonymous said...

The second half is actually mostly bonus tracks -- I *think* the album ends at anesthetized, which means that the excellent "Calm Down," one of my favorite Hurley songs, is in it.

Jon Busey-Hunt said...

That was actually me posting.

Colin said...


If you get a sec, could you shoot me your email?


Chuck said...

Sorry to hear about your fight with kidney stones, Jon. How are you doing?

lap said...

Please update, life without reading Hatesexy is boring and without taste.

Coco said...

Can't live with 'em
Can't pass large objects out of them.

Superbadfriend said...

I am ready for "Landing Gear" now.

Loved Shatterproof. Some of the songs had me in tears. Maybe I was having and emotional day? Poignant lyrics. All of 'em. :-)

Mimi NY said...

really hope you both are ok. sending hugs and best wishes and kind thoughts to you and D xx