Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to where you once belonged

Well, it can finally be officially announced: We are moving back to Minnesota next month.

See, it's like this: when I moved out here, I had stars in my eyes and a head fulla stupid dreams. I had this mental picture of LA life that was a composite of what I'd seen on television and what I knew from my *very, very few* visits out here -- I figured it would consist mostly of sitting around a pool with a tropical drink in my hand and my laptop on my lap, doing very important artistic things while enjoying a life of stress-free, peaceful contemplation. In stunning contrast to my life before I left Minneapolis, which basically was comprised of a shitty job that made me want to bash my own skull in, a lot of drama from mah baby mama, and a lotta cold weather -- a lotta cold weather -- it sounded like something close to heaven.

But then a funny thing happened on the way to the forum: I got my heart broken. In a million, billion pieces. It's like -- you're gonna run a long-distance race. You're at the starting line. The guy's got the gun up in the air, he's ready to fire. And then some guy comes rushing out of the crowd and KICKS YOU IN THE NUTS, REALLY HARD. BANG! GO! RUN! It sets you waythehellback, y'know? I can honestly say, with no reservation: the worst pain I've ever felt in my entire life. Bar none.

But in the midst of all that Trixi and I fell in love, and you know the rest of the story. We were two people with our hearts broken in a billion pieces. And as I'm fond of saying it doesn't make it all better -- you still gotta heal on your own terms. You gotta find your own way to peace. It takes time. It ain't magic. But it does help when you do it together. It helps a lot.

So we rebuilt, right? And this next point is an important one to get across to a few people, especially the person who thinks I "blew it, famously" and the one who thinks I'm not quite smart or clever enough to cut it, or the one who thinks Trixi's, like, some dippy airhead, or the dorks from Trixi's last job in Minneapolis -- guess what? We DID fucking make it out here. If I'd stayed, I woulda been a Creative Director at my company, which by the way is the best job I've yet had (holla to my work peeps, esp. Andrew -- keep fightin' the man, brotha!). And if Trixi'd stayed, she woulda had a career either in the costume department of a Major Television Show or as a producer, 'cause she got actual OFFERS to do that stuff, and like twenty go-to people in the industry said that's what she *should* be doing. And I found a band out here made up of three of the most talented people I've ever met, and the kindest too -- if somebody doesn't give a band featuring Patrick Cleary and Cheryl Caddick a record deal in the next few years there is no justice in the world. And we made good, good, GOOD friends out here -- I reconnected with a friend from the "olden days" who is now one of my best friends ever. And our homeys Loren, Prince, Gabe, Donovan, Joanne -- I love them like I love my own family. And props to mah homegirl Ash too -- we'll miss her!

So, look, that's not it, okay? Important point to stress. Not moving because we "couldn't hack LA." Although if I never EVER have to drive on an LA freeway again, it'll be too soon. And yeah, as beautiful as LA is, there's stuff here that drives me batty. Like: the crazy people. There's just lots of 'em. It's like I'm working at Ralph and Jerry's in Dinkytown 24-7, and that'll make sense to the three people (Marcy, Beques, Trevor etc) who read this from that era.

No, we're moving back for other, extremely compelling reasons. Like: my daughter. That's numero frickin' UNO. I miss her. Lots. The original intention, just so nobody thinks I'm the type of guy who just galavants out to Los Angeles without ever considering my own daughter, was to get her mom to move out here with her. That simply is never gonna happen. Plus: originally, it wasn't terribly cost-prohibitive to fly back and forth to see her. Now, with airline ticket prices as high as they are, and with two people to go back and forth -- it IS. LOTS.

Another reason is: money. We go to the local supermarket to get food every night, right? And guess how much that costs, just for two people to get, like, VERY CHEAP FOOD to eat? That's more than 30 bucks a night. Seriously. And I have a house back in Minneapolis, too, which is gonna foreclose if I don't get back to it. It's just sitting there. It ain't gonna sell, not in this market, and so why not frickin' live in it?

AND I got a totally great job at a tremendous company as an ASSOCIATE CREATIVE DIRECTOR. Woo hoo! I'm psyched beyond words.

But of course, the main reason (besides the kiddo!) is our dear friends. We miss you. I didn't know how much I'd miss everybody, but I sure as hell do. Like: I miss my Musical Brothers In Arms like Chris (and Belsum!) and Marc and Jay and Ed and Mykl and Brandon and Mike Grey and all the other people I've dug or hung out with and gotten drunk with. And I miss the Karaoke Crew from the American Legion, one of the best groups of friends I've ever had. And I miss my family, my mom and dad, and my other NEW family that I just met a couple years ago (Gigi, Frank, Brett, Charisse, and everybody else!!).

And I miss the TOWN too! I miss trees! And green! I miss the stupid Crystal Shopping Center, and the Legion in Robbinsdale (my local pub!) and I miss Northeast! And I miss THE DALES! And the warehouse district! And Uptown! I miss the comic book store on 36th and Winnetka and Cheapo records where I can get used vinyl for ACTUAL CHEAP and Down in the Valley! I just miss all that stuff.

I guess it's a combination of practical good sense and homesickness that's drawing us back. Either way: we couldn't be more happy. I'm gonna toss my hat in the air like Mary Tyler Moore. You can have a town, why don't you take it? You're gonna make it after all.


Beques said...

I am standing and applauding for BOTH of you! YAY!

As much as I'll miss you, I think it's the right thing to do, and well, at least one of us is into making sound decisions these days. Ha! You'll always have a place to escape to at my home in L.A., and I promise we can take all side streets!

Brian Chidester said...

I'll miss knowing you are around, but it's honorable that you want to spend your life near you daughter. I wish you all the luck in the world, man. Think of us poor schmucks sitting poolside with our tropical drinks from time to time.

Anonymous said...

right on jon! Anyone who would judge you is a troll! Jonathan

Alexis said...

That's great! See you back in the motherland.

Michelle said...

Yeah!! I getting meet Trixi. I do get to meet Trixi and hang out once in awhile... Right???

Ok Im off the selfish note. Congrats! on the major decision. Sounds like this is a well thought out plan!

LAP said...

Play dates at the Hoot! Woo!

Prince Gomolvilas said...

I am sad yet happy. Concerned yet confident. Deflated yet hard.

As long as I'm hard, I'll be okay.

And so will you.

Max Sparber said...

I was assuming you just missed Steve Marsh.

MissTrixi said...

*Jonny speaks for me too (and yet I have even MORE to say).
Indeed, we both DID came out here with stars in our eyes. I fell in love with Southern California at the age of 12. I started making Summer trips to LA and had planned to make it my home. I even had a 2 year stint in the early 90's only to move back to The Minne. But LA never really quite leaves you, even when you leave it. I married an LA native, then we spent 13 years painting this lovely picture of our 'someday future' of living in the City of Broken Dreams. That husband left me in Minneapolis for opportunity *gulp* in LA. He had a 'chance' a 'better' job in a 'better' city living a 'better' life with a 'better' woman. The problem is that he was leaving a mess he created behind him for that 'better'. An unbelievable pile of hidden debt - conveniently all in MY name. So a year later, I'm left with that mess, plus all the lawyers fee's on a divorce that he instigated, a house going into foreclosure and a thoroughly broken credit - Serenity now! I was sooo ready to start over, heading to the city that I loved for over half of my life with a man that I felt like I've loved for longer than I even knew him (Jonny, of course :-) ). Sure, we both jonny and I suffer our heartbreaks even now, but it's not over loss of love so much anymore- mostly dissapointment in the 'lost trust and the friendship' part these days.

So I packed up my house, filled two dumpsters full of 'stuff' (13 years of a shared life - blah!). And both jonny and I hopped in the MINI - West Coast or Bust! There was so much to look forward to. A career in 'THE Industry', working closely with one of my most beloved friends, a new group of friends that were sweet and funny and amazing, and the bliss of building a new life's foundation with what I consider to be the most beautiful soul I've ever met. The career was interesting and exciting with an unbelievable amount of potential. As for the close friend, well life changes people. I watched the dear friend slip further and further away and become completely disconnected from who they were and the life they once had - heartbreak # 2 in two years time. The new friends are marvelous and loving.. and very BUSY (leaving them causes great heartache). And I missed my old friends back home so. When we came to the decision to move back, I was saddened about leaving, but so excited about going back 'home'.

In the last year I've gotten engaged, moved to LA, worked for Steven Spielberg (and actually MET the guy!), helped dress the cast of a production for Dreamworks, walked the hallways of Sacred Heart (never DID find Zack Braff), kept company with the ghost of Mary Pickford, visited the grave of Rudolph Valentino, waded with Dolphins, ate where Nixon ate, heard the swallows of Capistrano, tread the Walk of Fame, fell in love with Sinatra's playground in the Desert, met celebrities o-plenty (with one noted kiss from John Corbett), partied at the Playboy Mansion (and shook Hef's hand!), fielded 9-page-long rambling text messages from Courtney Love (she just HAD to play at the party!), got rumbled by several earthquakes (only actually felt 2), felt the sonic boom of the shuttle landing in the land where the 'Hollywood Hills' was my constant backdrop. An exciting year that comes to a close right back where the jouney started. Well, not quite right back. A little more to the left of where the journey started, but close. Our time here was not wasted, not at all. And we go back with stories and friendships and adventures held close. We get to share our times with the beloved friends and family that we miss so much. Jonny has a house waiting, all warm inside with happy memories to be made.


vfleblanc said...

We've missed you guys too, and we are so happy you are coming back!

Brash Lion said...

That seriously made me cry a little. I am so excited to have you guys back. I had the same feelings when I moved from NYC, like people were thinking I couldn't hack it. But with places like NYC and LA or anywhere I suppose - if there's another place you'd rather be for whatever reasons, you will be miserable trying to make your relationship with that city work. Who gives a crap what others think anyway? They're probably just envious that they don't have the balls to GET OUT. Because if they did, they'd have to admit the same thing to themselves and they're too scared to allow themselves to go for what's in their heart, instead of what looks good on their imdb profile. Plus, we need all the cool people we can get spread out all over this country. Fuck the concentrations in NYC and LA. Spread it around. And lemme tell you, I miss NYC, but I don't miss living there and I am proud to call myself a Minneapolitan (even a Minnesotan!) now. And I'm doing more shit here than I was doing there, that's for sure. Can't wait to have you home, guys.

belsum said...

*waves excitedly*

It'll be great to have you around again. Really.

ashley said...


Trixi, you can truly exclaim before leaving LA, "Veni, vidi, Vici!"

I'm gonna miss yous.

MissTrixi said...

Thak you all so much for the love and support. We will miss our friends her in LaLaLand so much. And the ones that are welcoming us back with open arms are a true example of why we yearn for home again.

I posted a less rant fueled blog on my MySpace page. My blogs get influenced by my mood in so many ways >;-P

Love to ya all! You are held so dear to our hearts.


PS - we BOTH forgot to mention that there is a Basset Hound named Ollie waiting for us in the Minne - the joys of our household grow. Man, the cats are gonna be pissed.

Coco said...

Congrats to both of you! And screw anyone who makes you feel like you need to "justify" your reasons for leaving LA. Life happens everywhere, not just on the coasts. And honestly, I think it's a beautiful story of ups and downs and searching and finding and losing, and then coming home again. :)

Anonymous said...

I feel like I just watched the Welcome To The Jungle video!

Adoresixtyfour said...
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Michael said...

Looking forward to your return Jon and Trix! Lets actually spend more time together this time shall we?

Much Love


Patrick said...

We are/will be truly missing you Jonny and Trixi. It was very cool re-experiencing LA through your stories. You really did get a lot out of your time here.

The experiences we had as a band were always inspiring and happy times and you will be sorely missed my friend. You will continue to do great things back in Minneapolis I'm sure. All the best wishes for your future. Keep sending me songs!

Febrifuge said...

Minneapolis is like that. A great place to be from, if you're heading out to some coast or another to seek your fortune... and then an even better place to come back to. Some folks find it weird, but those are usually people who haven't lived here. There. You know what I mean.

And it's looking as though we'll be staying just down the road, in July! Holla!