Monday, December 15, 2008

WLOL listeners and Hines and Berglund fans!

I didn't even remember this song EXISTED but Trix mentioned it last night, and then Max blogged it this morning, and WOW did it bring back a flood o' memories. Morning DJ's Hines and Berglund on now-defunct radio station WLOL 99.5 in Minneapolis played this until it became actually disturbing.

I think it is actually *impossible* to feel shitty when you listen to this.

(PS: The little YouTube link has the title wrong -- it is HUBBA - HUBBA ZOOT ZOOT. Not Hubba Bubba. Hubba Bubba's the gum. Got it? Good.)


Jon Hunt said...

"It was produced by Ted Gärdestad and by Michael B. Tretow, who is most famous for engineering ABBA's records."


Now I've gone back 20 years...where's the Champagne Bruis?

(regional references- Hurray!)


Jon Hunt said...

MMMM -- Champagne Brus!!! Why, it's at your local Lund's store, where else would it be? Right next to the Vernor's ginger ale, and across from the pickle chips.

Superbadfriend said...

I can truthfully say I have never in my life heard of this. heehee


LAP said...

I certainly remember Hines and Berglund, but I don't remember this. I think you are right about not being able to feel shitty while listening, but it might also be impossible not to feel manic...

Jon Hunt said...

It is ALSO impossible to get it the fuck OUT OF YOUR HEAD.

Annie said...

Okay, I don't know you, but I've been following Prince's blog for a few months, and now check your blog from time to time - my girl is way in to music and likes your posts.

Anyway, I just had to comment, because not only do I remember Hines & Berglund on WLOL AND "Hubba Hubba Zoot Zoot," I actually used to tape the Top 9 at 9 on my cassette player every night.

Remember when "Twist and Shout" was Number 1 for months and months? (Thank you, Ferris.)

Jon Hunt said...

HA! I used to tape the top 9 at 9 as well!!

ALso, used to vote on whatever that voting thing was where you got to choose between two songs, and whatever song won a week's worth of voting got added to the playlist. I remember getting some Men At Work songs on there, and then voting like CRAZY for Arcadia's "Election Day."

s. p. stanley said...

A little late to post, but....

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